Posted on September 24, 2011

Parisian Chic: The 5 essential handbag models

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French style icon and “Parisian Chic” styleguide author Ines de la Fressange shows us in her book the 5 essential models of handbags. Here they are, with a Romantique and Rebel Twist:

“The big tote”

A great everyday friend is the big tote (e.g the Birkin bag from Hermès). Above Rebel wears a Birkinesque handbag that she actually nicked from our mum, a fake Hermes for “only” 1,500 EUR. Bargain compared to the original who costs 5,000 a pop!

The  Satchel bag:

The casual Satchel bag is for life! Usually rectangular shaped, but they also can come in a half moon shape and most of them belong to the it bag category.

The Straw Bag:

Your summer friend in the city a la Bardot in St Tropez!

The Lady handbag:

“A timeless classic in neutral shades (black, tan, natural). The Parisian will tell you hers belonged to her grandmother. But everyone knows she had it made to order chez Hermes”.

Timless classic handbag “Miss Viv” by Roger Vivier.

The Clutch:

“The essential evening accessory – or for daytime use if it’s big and soft enough”.

I’m wearing a pink ostrich leather clutch.

If I win the lottery – oversized Miu Miu clutch made of butter soft leather.

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