Posted on May 24, 2014

Why we love Statement Earrings


Statement Earrings Bijou Brigitte

I love dramatic statement earrings, especially now that I cut my hair short and can boldly show them off.  I’m not a fan of delicate, tiny heart studs or other delicate pieces- my jewellery needs to be seen from afar! Think huge Chandelier earrings that can take any outfit up a notch, whether it’s an LBD or a jeans / T-shirt combo.

How to wear statement earrings:

  • When wearing big earrings and necklaces, I like to keep the outfit simple and the pattern monochrome.
  • If you have long hair, put it up in a bun to provide a centre stage for the dangling pieces.
  • Statement baubles come in all sorts of shapes and colours. Whether you like bling-bling or pastel coloured gem stones like me, there’s a style for everyone.
  • Statement earrings don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, you can pick up great looking pieces from Zara or Bijou Brigitte.
  • Personally, I’d avoid wearing a statement necklace AND earrings to avoid the Christmas tree look. Then again, on some it works so you need to try it all out!

On me:

Above: I am wearing yellow and turqoise blue earrings from Bijou Brigitte. The pastel colours liven up any style. Sunglasses from Celine.

The darker,  turqoise blue earrings from Bijou Brigitte remind me of the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect, feel-good chandeliers. Sunglasses from Blumarine.

Berengere statement earrings Our stylish Parisian friend Berengere from Versailles sure knows good style. These bright coloured turquoise danglers complement her skin tone and outfit rather nicely. Sunglasses from Stella McCartney.

Advanced style statement earrings street style Advanced Style: Statement earrings are not just for the young. Our Mummy Romantique & Rebel rocks a great pair of brightening, cream drop earrings from Bijou Brigitte.

Charlotte Casiraghi statement earrings More style inspiration from the French: Charlotte Casiraghi, daugher of Princess Caroline of Monaco, is wearing glamorous, crystal-encrusted drop earrings.

statement earrings streetstyle

This stylish street styler,  layers on the statement jewellery and it works!

coco chancel on statement jewellery

Posted on May 20, 2014

Peter Pan Collar Sunday

Accessoires/ Jumpers/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Peter Pan collar Marks Spencers

Today is not Sunday, but I still wanted to call this post ‘Peter Pan Collar Sunday’, as I wore it on Sunday. I associate the girly, feminine collar with a traditional, English tea time in the Savoy, pretty sun dresses and Lea Seydoux in her role as ‘femme de chambre’ (maid) in the fabulously quirky movie “Grand Hotel Budapest”.  At this point in fashion time it’s especially difficult for me to hold back on purchases as so many designers and labels are paying homage to the 50 and 60s. For me, this was the most flattering fashion era of all: From Peter Pan collars to A -line shift dresses, geometric pattern and big, tousled hair – the women of this time had it all (at least wardrobe wise)!

Peter Pan collar top

Lea Seydoux in the movie 'Grand Hotel Budapest'

Lea Seydoux in the movie ‘Grand Hotel Budapest’

Les Nereides N2 Le Tea time d'Alice necklace

If you’re not already sitting, I suggest you sit down now. This cooky cute tea cups necklace depicting Alice, her rabbit and cupcakes is from French luxury costume jeweller Les Néréides N2.

I’m wearing:

  • Peter Pan collar top from Marks and Spencer
  • My trusted denim pencil skirt from Tommy Hilfiger
  • Espadrilles from RAS
  • Pink hand bag from Bally
  • Cups necklace (Le Tea Time d’Alice) from Les Néréides N2
Posted on May 17, 2014

Are zebra pants still popular this SS 2014?

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Trousers


Are animal prints like zebra, leo or snake out of style? A matter of taste I guess. There’s plenty of looks and trends to choose from, it’d be too boring if we all loved the same things.

2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Day 2

Are zebra pants still popular this ss 2014? Take look at Jared Leto Jared – he wore $700 Saint Laurent Zebra Pants to Coachella Music Festival 2014. Would you wear a $700 anything to Coachella? I probably wouldn’t, zebra pants are fun fashion and never worth $ 700 in my little world.


I bought my zebra denim last summer season at H&M and I’m wearing the pants this summer season 2014 again. I mostly wear them for fun and at weekends, not to work. Maybe I’ll wear them next year at Coachella 2015, who knows?

On me pic 1 : zebra pants by H&M, Trench coat by Burberry, Converse chucks

On me pic 2: zebra pants by H&M, Michael Kors Leather jacket, Converse chucks

Posted on May 11, 2014

The Power of Accessories: One scarf, three outfits!

Accessoires/ Romantique

Lily and Lionel Scarf Blossom Lavender

“Build your look on basics and use accessories to add an extra oomph to your personal style”. According to Ines de la Fressange, this is the  key to the Parisians’ style. I couldn’t agree more: Not everyone can afford a new coat every season, so a beautiful scarf can modernize and give breadth to your existing wardrobe.  Investing in a quality scarf can allow you to opt for more affordable basics whilst still looking a million dollars.

For me, a scarf has to be over-sized and made of silk or cashmere, so it feels natural and snuggly like a second skin. In the photos, I’m wearing a beautifully printed silk scarf by British brand Lily and Lionel. All their scarves are handmade in Italy and the lavish prints are inspired by Botticelli paintings, cityscapes, blooming florals and timeless animal prints.

Above: Scarves always work well with classics such as trench coats and leather jackets. Make a basic navy blazer look more casual with a fabulously printed scarf wrapped in a loose tie style.

I am wearing:

  • Lily and Lionel scarf SS2014 “Blossom Lavender”
  • Blazer by Massimo Dutti
  • Jeans from Stefanel
  • Lilac bag from Bally
  • Kitten heels from Logan

Lily and Lionel scarf blossom Lavender, leather skirt and blazer

My favourite pattern clash? Stripes and florals. Why? It always works!

I am wearing:

  • Lily and Lionel “Blossom Lavender” Scarf
  • Navy leather skirt by Max & Co
  • Blazer by Massimo Dutti
  • Breton shirt by H&M

Lily and Lionel Blossom Lavender scarf SS 2014, Navy trench coat Max and Co, Bally Bag

Uh, oh, with my penny loafers and pleated trench coat  I’m moving dangerously into preppy caricature land. Lily and Lionel scarf to the rescue for an injection of fashion botox!

I am wearing:

  • Lily and Lionel scarf SS2014 “Blossom Lavender”
  • Navy trench coat by Max & Co
  • Penny loafers by Sebago

Lily and Lionel Scarf Blossom Lavender, leather skirt and navy blazer

Check out my new scarf crush Lily and Lionel’s summer 2014 collection here.

Posted on May 9, 2014

Fashion Sisters Style: The Shirt Marinière re-invented!

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique/ Shirts/ Trousers

  Street style London Pop coloured Breton Shirt. Stefanel jeans. Hispanitas

A navy and white striped Breton shirt is part of of everyone’s wardrobe, bien sur! A classy and timeless piece.

But what if you’ve become bored lately with the style classic? Just replace navy with broad, brightly coloured stripes for an injection of life! Or how about doing Rebel’s favourite pattern clash, stripes and florals? Just be creative, mix and match and have fun!

  fashion sisters style shirt mariniere, breton stripes

Rebel is wearing: Floral trousers from Zara, pink and orange striped jumper  from TK Maxx. Pointy heels from Buffalo.

Romantique is wearing: Pink and orange striped cashmere jumper from TK Maxx (same as Rebel’s), silver toe-cap ballet pumps from Hispanitas. Jeans from Stefanel, little Hermes-esque top handle bag from Picard, Ballerina necklace from Les Néréides.

Pop Breton Shirt, rayban wayfarer sunglasses

Posted on May 5, 2014

How to wear a Fedora Spring Outfit without looking like Dick Tracy

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa


 A fedora can make a bold statement of individual style but how do you style it without looking like a cartoon character? Last summer I purchased a fedora to wear with my ??? Exactly, I did not have any idea or inspiration how to wear my fedora. Then I remembered the old saying: In questions of fashion, always ask the French.  Marion Cotillard inspired me endlessly with her classy ways of wearing the trendy fedora.


Marion has it what it takes to wear a Fedora because she doesn’t run the risk of looking like Dick Tracy.


Here are my Fedora Outfit extremly inspired by the stunning Marion Cotillard.



On me: Fedora and YSL Shirt by TK maxx, Pants by Zara, Jacket by Strenesse, Ballerinas by Pretty Ballerina and Sunglasses by Paul Smith

Posted on May 4, 2014

8 Things stylish Italians do

Romantique/ Wardrobe

Dolce and Gabbana Tomato Dress

This year, the whole of Europe is paying homage to the world leader in style and fashion: Italy. London’s V&A museum is holding an exhibition dedicated to showcasing five decades of fashion and Europe’s biggest department store, KaDeWe in Berlin, opened “Studio Italia” – a promotion of traditional Italian brands, from household to high fashion.

Let’s have a look  at the Italians’ style secrets:
1. To exclaim ‘Bello’ 5 times a day

Even Milanese greengrocery sellers know about the latest trends in fashion. They may not know the latest designer in fashion, but they do  have an opinion on Armani. Fashion is a national treasure in Italy. Italians simply adore everything beautiful, ‘bello’. It is impossible to go for a walk with an Italian without her/ him exclaiming ‘bello’ at least three times. This can be an especially beautiful palazzo, a blooming tree or a window decoration. Italian eyes are trained to spot the visually appealing, and this is one reason why Italians can pull a beautiful scarf from a big pile of nondescript rags in a market or from a cheap beach merchant.

2. To have ‘Stravaganza’

Many people are well dressed. Only few are very well dressed. In Italy, the latter is disproportionally high. Why is that? With time, Italians develop their signature look. This might be wearing exclusively pencil skirts or the same shoe type which they own in all colours of the rainbow. They are not really that eccentric, but they know what suits them and they stick with it. A certain repetive “boringness” can be a virtue when it comes to one’s fashion signature.

I love gingham / Vichy. I own many dresses, trousers, tops and a playsuit with the whimsical geometric pattern. It suits me so why should I not wear it in all ways? :-)

I love gingham / Vichy. I own many dresses, trousers, tops and a playsuit with the whimsical geometric pattern. It suits me so why should I not wear it in all ways? 🙂

3. Going to the ‘Satro’

Trends come and go. So do shapes. What does an Italian woman do when the latest fashion dictates Empire style dresses, that don’t really suit her body shape?  She will stay relaxed since she knows what suits her. All she needs to survive the season is a beautiful fabric and a visit to her husband’s satro (dressmaker) to tailor that beautifully cut dress in a new season fabric, but to a style shows her figure off best. Bellisima! (and not necessarily an economical option!).
4. Getting a tan

We live in a time where even mediterreanean skinned ladies shy away from the sun like the devil from the holy water! Italians on the other hand love grilling themselves on one of their beautiful  beaches to get a golden brown tan. After all, they know that all colours, from black to white, look better on a golden canvas.

Salvatore Ferragamo and Audrey Hepburn

Salvatore Ferragamo and Audrey Hepburn

5. Not being afraid of ‘troppo’

Italians are never afraid of “too much” – troppo. Take German women for example: They dress very stubtly, their trademark is understatement and practicality. God forbid they ever  stick out from the crowd. For accessories,  German woman prefer to wear a simple banded ring or a tiny heart on a delicate necklace. Italian women love golden statement jewellery. Think huge chandelier earrings and chunky ghetto necklaces. For them, every day is a special occasion to get dressed up. There’s no such thing as “troppo”, especially in a glitzy arena like Porto Cervo in Sardinia.

Opulent statement earrings

Opulent statement earrings and big go-to-hell shades


6. Loving the classics

Sometimes, classic fashion items can be intimidating as they are, well classic and timeless. Some ladies are afraid of looking like Mr Gadget in a trench coat or like Princess Diana in 1992 in classic Tods loafers. Italians are not afraid of classics and loving mixing them up with modern pieces for a new lease on life. A trench coat combined with bare legs or Tods loafers paired with shorts are a classic example of this phenomenon.

Rebel pairing a classic trench coat with distressed denim and open toe sandals.

Rebel pairing a classic trench coat with distressed denim and open toe sandals.

7. Wearing shades

Sunglasses aren’t merely a practicality to shield the eyes from the sun. For Italians, sunnies are the icing on the cake of every outfit. Whether it’s snowing, raining or the halogen lights at Zara are too bright, the shades sit tightly on the Roman nose. They can be extravagant too, mirrored ray bans can be seen on 16 year old as well as on 84 year old stylish ladies.

8. Loving ‘La Borsa’

No other woman wears her handbag with as much grandezza as the Italian donna.  They lovingly treat their finely crafted bag with care, having spent many Euros for a bag from one of the artisanal, family owned bag designers such as Fendi.  Thoughtlessly throwing the handbag onto the floor, or treating it as a basic commodity?  Shock, horror! Unthinkable for the Italian women who are proud of their country and it’s long tradition in leather goods.

A piece of art or a handbag? Floral embossed bag from Dolce & Gabbana.

A piece of art or a handbag? Floral embossed bag from Dolce & Gabbana.

Posted on April 27, 2014

Happy Blog Birthday! 3 Years of Romantique and Rebel

Australia/ Dresses/ Italy/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique/ Trousers/ Wardrobe


3 years ago, we started our fashion blog Romantique and Rebel, borne of our love for  fashion, decor, travel and everything beautiful. It’s been a wonderful journey so far,  during which we’ve been lucky enough to forge friendships with readers, met like-minded people at fashion events and have had endless fun inspiring each other, showcasing our different styles and philosophies.

The last year has been choc full  of life-enriching events,  providing us with a wealth of  inspiration: a wedding for Romantique, travel to Italy, Spain and Australia and even a new job for Rebel. At times, it’s been challenging to update the blog regularly whilst holding down busy jobs and planning a wedding, but the satisfaction of  sharing our passions always prevails.

A huge thanks to all our wonderful readers, Twitter and Instagram followers, and Facebook fans. We love each and everyone of you!

Here’s to a great year ahead!

Enjoy these flashbacks to our most popular posts from the last 12 months.

Romantique and Rebel 3rd Birthday flower-printe-pants-zara

Mixing stripes and floral trousers: Rebel wearing Zara


Romantique honeymooning in the eternal city

Gatti di roma Cats rule the internet: One of our most popular post has been about the cats of Rome, Gatti di Roma

Varsity jacket springbok

Back in August 2013, Rebel was already wearing this years’ biggest trend: The sporty varsity jacket

French weeks, blue white and red outfit As part of our French weeks, we interviewed real Parisians on their style secrets and dressed solely in red, white and blue. Parfait!

Parisian Effortless Chic stripes and pearls

French weeks: Rebel showing us how to do effortless chic a la Parisienne.


Stripey retro look a la Mad Men on the beach.

Check out our Best of Photos on flipagram.

Posted on April 25, 2014

What to wear on Fridays?

Blazer / Jackets/ Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe


Every day, I get up at 5:45 am.
This is definitely too early to think about what to wear on a Friday!  In such cases it’s good to pick a outfit combination from my wardrobe that works easy- denim, a white shirt, black blazer and white trainers.

Fashion-street-style-201 Fashion-street-style-2014-fashionblog

On me: Blazer by See by Chloé, JBrand, white shirt by H&M, Trainers by Tigers


Posted on April 23, 2014

The Knotted Belt

Accessoires/ Dresses/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

looped belt, max and co po

A belt is something that can take your outfit from boring to chic.  A looped or knotted belt adds a creative edge to classic belts whilst addressing the issue of excess length.

I’m mixing up my goody-good-girl polka dot dress with a knotted, wide belt. Accessories can make or break your style: I like my belts wide – to define my waist and to pull the outfit together.

How to knot a belt?

It’s easy:

  1. Tie the belt around your waist and buckle it.
  2. Take the tail end of the belt and tuck it underneath near the buckle.

looped belt, max and co polka dot dress

I am wearing:

  • Navy polka dot dress from Max & Co
  • Belt: Gift from Australia (thanks to my mum-in-law)
  • Macaron necklace: N2 Les Nereides
  • Pointy flats: BCBG
  • Leather jacket: Stefanel
  • Lavender pink bag: Bally
  • Umbrella: Moschino

looped belt, max and co polka dot dress

Style inspiration from Rose Byrne in Michael Kors and Diane Kruger in Ungaro.

Style inspiration from Rose Byrne in Michael Kors and Diane Kruger in Ungaro.


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