Posted on October 2, 2013

Organic Sunglasses Made of Wood

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Last weekend I went to a design exhibition in Hamburg and I discovered a funky eyewear brand called “Kerbholz”. Four young students from Cologne contribute to the eco trend with their new label. The design of the eyewear combines retro with purism for a pleasant modern look.


The design of the glasses is classic and timeless, and have been available in a similar form for over 50 years. The Company said: It was a deliberate decision, because not the shape of the glasses but the wood, a renewable raw material, will become the center of the design and will be re-discovered in this classic way.


The Sunglasses are made partly in China but the company is working to get a BIO certification for their production.

If you want to give up big brand names and plastic “Kerbholz” could be your new brand for stylish sunglasses made of  wood.


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