Posted on July 11, 2011

Oprah: So what is Kabbalah?

Astro & Spirit/ Rebel Alexa

Madonna: It’s a belief system that gives you tools to deal with life. Many of its principles resemble concepts in Christianity or in Buddhism.

Oprah: What is the fundamental principle?

Madonna: Each of us is responsible for everything that happens in our lives. When good things happen—we win an award, meet the love of our lives, or get a promotion—we take ownership of that. But when bad things happen—we get fired or we divorce—we often don’t take responsibility. We call it something that just happened. I now understand that just as we can draw the positive, we can draw the negative.

Oprah: That’s what I believe.

Madonna: You’re a closet Kabbalist! Another principle is that there is an all- giving, all-loving force. You could call it God. Kabbalists call it the Light. But essentially, it is God. When we disconnect from this force, we have chaos. We invite pain and suffering into our lives.

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