Posted on August 10, 2012

How to look good in a photo by Gisele Bündchen


How to look good in a photo like Gisele, supermodel and never see awful pictures of us? Here are the supermodel insider informations by Gisele from the book “How to walk in High Heels”:

1.) Lighting is the most crucial thing and should  shine on you directly.

2.) Outside: Do it in the morning or wait till the two o’clock shadow has passed.

3.) Don’t let pictures in magazines stress you out!


4.) Tip your head and practise what angles work with your face.

5.) Tip your neck to elongate it make eye contact with camera and smile. No one can look bad if they smile.

6.) Keep shoulders back.


7.) Always have mouth slightly open, this will make your lips look fuller.

8.) Delete any evidence of a less than perfect photogenic moment.


Learn and study from the video, again and again and you will look great in photos!

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