Posted on January 13, 2012

Get your hair oomph back!

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I only wash my hair with silicone, paraben and fragrance free shampoo and conditioner from Schwarzkopf’s professional salon range “Natural Essensity”

What is silicone and why is it bad for our hair?

Silicone is what gives your hair that slick, smooth, tangle-free look. Silicon is very cheap for companies to use, hence you will find it in almost every hair product (look out for ingredients ending in “-cone”), especially in two-in-one shampoos and conditioners/treatments.

Silicone only coats the hair, it doesn’t penetrate it and you can’t wash it out, which means it just keeps building up. The consequence is weighed down hair that lacks volume and ultimately becomes “immune” to silicone. Hair treatments like deep oil or dye cannot penetrate the hair as it is sealed by silicone.


You can get silicone out of your hair with “peeling shampoos” or try this organic alternative: Beat an egg white stiff and mix it with a few squirts of lemon – leave in for 15 minutes and rinse. Bear in mind that this process strains the hair so make sure to pamper it with a silicone free treatment afterwards.

A few more silicone-free alternatives are Dr Hauschka, Dove, Nivea, Sante or Lavera.



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