Posted on April 27, 2012

French Fragrance Lessons

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa

Women in France don’t just love fragrance, they can’t imagine living without it. In France, the higher class of woman, the more she wants her perfume to be subtle. So I guess at my heart I’m a French Woman because I never go out without perfume.

The Sent you dab defines who you are. I wear only classical French perfume and they has become very important in my life.


Y by Yves Saint Laurent and Miss Dior Originale and the French message behind is:

“I belong to a great family. I come from style. I wear the same fragrance as the most stylish people.”

Y was launched in 1964 and Yves Saint Laurent said that when he introduced Y:

“Women rarely expressed their sexuality in public. They were more practical in their approach. More inhibited in their desires. Now, a woman wants more — a man wants more, too.”

Y is a perfect office Chypre Fruity fragrance for women.

Christian Dior intended his first scent to complement his famed New Look 1947.

Miss Dior is one of the few chypres I like. The soft, not-sweet base, the intriguing heart notes, and the mysterious opening notes captivated me from the start.

Miss Dior Originale 2011 bottle

The French Fragrance Lessons:

1. Do not wear the same perfume as your mother.

2. Never leave home without it.

3. Never ask a French Woman what perfume she is wearing.

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