Posted on November 7, 2012

French Casual Chic – a Beauty Myth?


I have always admired the French sense of style. The French casual chic looks always elegant and sophisticated. The difference in the way German women dress is obvious. We can’t compete with the French but whatever French women have, I want it too! So what’s the secret the fact they are just French? We can learn from pictures, wear a lot of black, navy and grey¬† like Emmanuelle Alt and her girls – other colours are not needed!

To look effortlessly elegant in a pair of black skinny jeans and blazer is pretty simple. You want the alluring chic that French Women have? Copy them in every detail and be confident and sometimes arrogant but don’t lose your humor and be always proud of your country and nationality.


Black skinny jeans by J Brand, Blazer by Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans Shirt by for all 7 mankind, Boots by Hogan


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