Posted on May 13, 2021

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Does it suit me?

Mispurchases? Fashion sins? No doubt, we’ve all been there. We still have pieces in our closet with tags on, from impulse buys. But we have become better at saying no. We make impulse purchases less often, are not as susceptible to marketing trends and saleswomen can’t talk us into things so easily anymore.

10 years ago we started our blog Romantique and Rebel and throughout our lives, we’ve experimented a lot. In the process we developed a feeling for what suits us and over time we became more and more confident in our style. Today, we know what is not for us – we consistently give warm beige tones a wide berth, we radically shorten pants that are too long to Italian length, pizza round necklines no longer come into our house and flowery tops don’t even get a second look anymore. Everything falls into place. We know our most flattering cuts, proportions, colours and fabrics that suit our lives.

If you want to get to know the real you in fashion and want to know which style, colours, patterns and especially which cuts and proportions suit your personality and your body, one shouldn’t be afraid to ask for advice. That’s where we come in. We delight in advising and sharing our knowledge with you. Our own valuable insights and experience, combined with an instinct for style and a sharpened aesthetic eye, have fashioned us into true experts when it comes to style, fashion and colour advice.

What do we offer?

Our secret of success is based on openness and honesty. We often hear the questions: Does this suit me or can I wear this? We will find out together. Diligently and constructively, we reflect on your closet and support you as a sparring partner with candid feedback on your entire wardrobe.

Package 1: Wardrobe Update
We roll up our sleeves and clear out your closets and drawers. Together we go through everything according to plan: Summer, winter, shoes, bags, accessories. For this we radically clean out, combine, and rearrange.

Package 2: Style and Colour Audit
Here it’s primarily about colors, proportions, cuts. For this we deal with your fabulous body, your versatile personality and your current life, to determine the styles, shapes and colours that will work best for you.

Package 3: Personal Shopping
From Zara to Chanel, whether it’s for a wedding or an awards ceremony, we’ll help you acquire wisely and choose the clothes that reflect the best you. It’s that simple.

Book your stylist:
Who should advise and support you? Romantique or Rebel? Here’s a quick overview of what makes up our R&R style in each case.

Rebel’s style is predominantly classic. She used to experiment more often but has found her style and sticks with it. Rebel prefers feminine outfits with masculine and sporty accents and likes to combine oversized pieces that enrich and complement her personal wardrobe.

In Romantique’s case, the name says it all. Feminine, slightly playful, cheerful and yet elegant, her closet contains mostly dresses and skirts as well as real treasures, accessories, bags and jewelry. Skinny jeans are not for Romantique, she just doesn’t feel comfortable in them. Romantic accents underline her look with the chic of the 60s – Jackie O is calling!

120 EUR per hour or daily rate 1,000 EUR per stylist excluding expenses.
Berlin (Romantique), Hamburg (Rebel) or virtually after coordinated briefing.
Contact us: email hidden; JavaScript is required

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