Posted on November 20, 2012

Dior Cannage Shopper Punky Style

Bags/ Rebel Alexa

As French Woman say: You should always buy the most expensive bag or shoes you can, as they will finish an outfit. The elegance lies in the attention to detail. Even if you can’t afford a Chanel jacket, you or your mom can afford to accessorise. My mom’s Dior Cannage Shopper was a good investment and I wear it with everything – thanks Mummy, I bring the bag back for Christmas. I like to wear the Dior Cannage Shopper in a less conservative style, but more in a punky context – Less Madame Chirac more Street Style.

Today I wear: Denim Shirt by All 7 mankind, Parka by Bogner, Jeans by Siwy, Converse, Sunglasses by Jil Sander, Lipstick L’Oreal




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