Posted on October 16, 2012

Converse Sneakers Style

Rebel Alexa/ Shoes

I’m in love with the cool nonchalance when I wear Converse Sneakers – the original and the best and still under 60 EURO if you buy in UK and not in Germany!

Sixty percent of the Americans say  they have owned at least a pair of converse in their life. I have 4 pairs of Chucks – jeans blue, white Coco Chanel, racing green and turquoise but most of all I love the blue one. One who wears converse doesn’t look desperate but 10 years younger.

I WEAR above:

Skinny Jeans by J Brand, Blue Men’s Sweater and Artsy Blazer by Zara

I WEAR below:

White Summer pants by Gant, Blue Men’s Sweater


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