Posted on March 29, 2013

Coloured Easter Eggs

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Coloured Easter Eggs

Easter is not only a great excuse to decorate the house but also a celebration of spring. I’m getting  excited like a child when it’s time for the traditional colouring of hard- boiled eggs. You can eat them, decorate your house with or give them as presents.    In the above picture, I put my dyed eggs in a hay nest on an Alessi plate.

It’s so much fun to colour the eggs and it’s so easy, all you need is:

  • White eggs (brown will be fine too but the colours come out more vibrant on white eggs)
  • Easter Egg dye
  • Vinegar (most liquid dyes require mixing it with vingegar)
  • Kitchen paper
  • Transfer pictures if you like for the coloured egg
hard boil duck eggs for 12 minutes

hard boil duck eggs for 12 minutes

Step 1: Hard boil chicken eggs or duck eggs for 8-12 minutes depending on the kind. I used duck eggs only because UK supermarkets don’t seem to be doing white eggs anymore! I’m quite pleased with duck eggs as they are bigger as chicken eggs and look even better!

Easter Egg Dye

Easter Egg Dye

Step 2: Prepare the Easter Egg Dye: I bought mine from a German supermarket. The pack conveniently already included the plastic cups for submerging the eggs in the dye.

Easter eggs in dye

Step 3: Lower the hard boiled eggs carefully in the cups filled with dye and vinegar. Leave in as instructed.

easter eggs out of cup

The egg will soak up more color the longer you wait, so if the color isn’t what you want just yet, leave it a little longer

Add Decal pictures to your coloured eggs

Step 4: Add cute Easter motifs like chicken, flowers and bunnies to your eggs with  transferable pictures.

Decorated easter eggs in a hay nest

Decorated easter eggs in a hay nest

E voila: The finished coloured eggs sitting in hay nest on an Alessi plate.

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