Posted on October 1, 2011

Celeb Beauty Secrets: The Eternal girl Sophie Marceau

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French actress Sophie Marceau shot to stardom at the tender age of 13 in the movie “La Boum” – the Party. 30 years onwards and Sophie has managed to retain her girly looks, unlike many other child stars.  How does she do it?

Cleanse: Sophie prefers products that have not been tested on animals. To cleanse her face, she simply uses soap and water, for example Orgins plant-based cream bar.

Daily moisturizer:  Sophie trusts light moisturizer from Clarins and Nivea for her dry skin, sometimes even pure olive oil to improve elasticity. If you don’t like the idea of that (like me!) try Biotherm’s age fitness day cream with olive oil extracts to give the skin an extra coat of protection.

Hair: Sophie has long but thin hair and in order to treat it with care she washes it with a light shampoo and conditioner. Through her Polish husband she discovered natural hair products with fruit and flax from Poland she uses to treat her hair.

Make-up: Sophie does not like coloured lipstick and instead nourishes her full lips with transparent lipgloss or balm. Dry foundation keeps her skin even and doesn’t need to be powdered, on top she adds a little bit of Dior’s mascara et voila!

Sophie without make-up in 2009, aged 43

Sophie at  13


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