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Posted on April 6, 2015

Finally Sockless!

Coats/ Featured/ Rebel/ Shoes

It’s April and finally sockless time!


I really, really hate wearing socks! Socks look exceedingly silly with any footwear most with ballet flats. I mean, I’m not crazy for not wearing any socks or tights from October to Easter because everyone in Germany finally drives with winter tyres during this period!

Street style max & co coat stan smith adidas

Now is the ideal sockless time for trainers not too cold and not too warm! 

street style stan smith max mara

Trainers by adidas “Stan Smith”, Pants by ZARA, Coat by Max & Co., Sunglasses by Paul Smith

Posted on April 5, 2015

Spring in a Cherry Red Coat

Bags/ Coats/ Featured/ Rebel

Street Style Red Coat + Chanel bag

Happy Easter all Bunnies!

Spring has not arrived in Hamburg yet, the still chilly weather calls for a cherry coat. Are red coats just for the christmas season? No,  a vivid red coat is the perfect late season into spring style zipper-upper.  I love how sophisticated red coats look at any time!

Street Style Rede coat

Let’s deep dive into each element of my style. I love classic and simple things looking casual and finished!

Red Coat by Calvin Klein, Denim by Esprit, Trainers by adidas Originals, Black Sweater, Sunglasses by Fendi, Chanel 2.55 look a like by L.Credi.


Spring forward  in a cherry red coat and have Fun!


Posted on March 28, 2015

Coats and Biscuits

Coats/ Cuisine/ Featured/ London/ Romantique

London street style purple coat max and co prada handbag

We are approaching now what I’m hoping to be the last few days of having to wear a woollen coat. I love all my coats as they are bright coloured to help overcome the winter blues. Still, I’m longing for the warm rays of spring, for lighter trench coats and jackets, for ballerinas without socks and drinking macchiatos in street cafes. Unlike the last couple of years before, March has been quite a chilly month with temperatures only in the one digit spheres.

For an outing to my favourite biscuit boutique Biscuiteers in Notting Hill, I’m wearing:

  • Purple coat by Max and Co
  • Black doctor’s handbag by Prada
  • Sprinkle ankle boots by Kurt Geiger
  • White cat earings by Les Nereides
  • Gloves by Blumarine
  • Shades by Ray Ban

Biscuiteers specialise in hand-iced, beautifully decorated cookies. Often London themed, the Notting hill shop window is a feast for the eyes: Iconic sights such as Buckingham palace, red telephones are taxis and black cabs interpreted with sweet gingerbread.  The cookies biscuits are so detailed, they can pass for little pieces of art. If you are looking for a special Easter present, check out the Biscuiteers shop in Notting Hill or the newly opened boutique in Clapham.

London street style purple coat max and co prada handbag


Biscuiteers London Notting Hill red telephone box


London street style purple coat max and co prada handbag

Easter themed Biscuiteers Boutique in Clapham, London

Easter themed Biscuiteers Boutique in Clapham, London

Posted on March 1, 2015

Best Street Style of LFW 2015

Beauty/ Coats/ London/ Romantique/ Skirts


LFW 2015 blue mirrored ray bans and pink lipstick

Oh London, you are beautiful, ugly, classy, tacky, hot, cold, conservative and crazy, all of this embodied in the audience visiting London Fashion Week. For me, the trotting around the shows is the real magnet to come to LFW: To be inspired, to soak up the creativity and to meet new interesting people. Enjoy my pictures taken of best and worst of LFW Street style.

Above: Mirrored blue aviator Ray Ban: Check. Heavily pigmented pink lipstick: Check. Must-have furry coat: Check. Effortless cool. I could never wear this combo but this stylish creative pulls it off to perfection.

LFW 2015 Street style head mask Wow, she has attitude. I love her expression while I’m pondering if the head mask it the new trend for 2015.

Street style LFW 2015 blue coat, hat, flats

I adore this look in all it’s simplicity: Snakeskin printed loafers, cream trousers, baby blue winter coat.

LFW Street Style 2015 pleated leather skirt, blue Nike LFW in February is freezing so getting a break from the chill  is essential to recharge batteries. The blue Nike trainers lend the black leather pleated skirt and the thick woolen tights some edge, while the silver puffer jacket keeps this Fashion-week-goer toasty.


LFW 2015 Street style blue Cos skirt

This skirt length is so difficult to pull off as it makes most people (including me!) look small and disproportionate. However this fashionista nailed it! Pointy heels elongate the leg and the ankle straps emphasise skinny ankles. Love the blue A-line skirt from COS.



Posted on February 22, 2015

London Fashion Week 2015

Coats/ Current Affairs/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

London Fashion Week Pink coat max and co, AgL shoes, minnie mouse ears

It’s the time of the year again for London Fashion week at Somerset House. Whilst the shows themselves are for invitation holders only, a lot of the action happens in the courtyard of Somerset House – via a huge live screen you can follow the shows, visit many of the side shows hosted by Topshop and River Island,  pop into a blow-out or braid bar or have a coffee at Tom’s diner to relax from all the excitement.

This year, I left Rebel in Hamburg as we just spent a sisterly weekend together in Paris. With Mr Romantique in tow, I threw on my favourite pink coat and Minnie Mouse ears. When going to London Fashion Week, I’m never trying to keep up with the fashionable London crowd – they are way to eccentric for me. Instead, I stay true to myself and wear what I would wear to the office. I do allow myself one fun, quirky accessory though. Last year, this was a pair of sequinned cat ears. This year, I’m following up with Minnie Mouse ears and a pink bow as the cherry on the cake.

I am wearing:

  • Pink pastel coat by Max & Co
  • Pink patent leather oxford lace-ups by AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni
  • Chocolate brown leather pencil skirt by Ralph Lauren
  • Minnie Mouse glitter bow headband  by Claire’s accessories
  • Tortoise sunglasses by Prada
  • Merino tights by Falke

Stay tuned for a full run-down of my favourite LFW 2015 street style outfits.

The pink lace-ups are the perfect mix up feminine and masculine.


Minnie Mouse Glitter Bow headband Claire's accessories


LFW 2015 Somerset house pink coat chanel bag pink oxfords


LFW is a great way to meet like-minded bloggers and find inspiration in the many colourful outfits. This floral light blue coat is from ZARA.


ondon Fashion Week Pink coat max and co, AgL shoes, minnie mouse ears


ondon Fashion Week Pink coat max and co, AgL shoes, minnie mouse ears

Posted on February 19, 2015

Monochrome Parisian Style at Place des Vosges

Coats/ Paris/ Travel/ Wardrobe

Romantique street style Place des Vosges

Last week in Paris, Rebel and I strolled in the beautiful square of Place des Vosges, in the heart of trendy Marais. We spent girly sister time enjoying the glourious sunshine outdoors, popped into Marais’ plentiful boutiques and stopped by the cafes to warm up with a hot drink and watch the world go by.

How to dress when you’re in Paris? You want to be comfortable to allow for hours of sightseeing as well as looking chic to fit in with the stylish locals. Flats are a must, to allow for long hours of walking, a crossbody bag for free hands and a woolen hat to shield against the crispy cold winter air.

I’m wearing:

  • Flat ballerinas by Max & Co
  • Quilted crossbody bag a la chanel by LCredi
  • Monochrome Vichy gingham checked wool trousers by Max & Co
  • Blue silk blouse by Uniqlo for a splash of colour
  • Sunglasses by Fendi
  • Woolen hat by Corrective – to shield against the bitterly winter cold

Romantique street style Place des Vosges gingham vichy trousers MAx & Co


Romantique street style Place des Vosges black coat, pink quilted chanel bag


In the streets of Marais, Parais

In the streets of Marais, Parais

Posted on February 7, 2015

The Myth of Parisian Chic – BUSTED!

Coats/ Current Affairs/ Movie & Books/ Rebel/ Romantique

French Books on Chic, Style, Life, relationships

“Parisian Chic”, “How to be Parisian wherever you are”, “Paris Street Style”, “Why French children don’t throw food” – the French-know-it-all hype shows no sign of abating. French women clearly have the world figured out – from style to love life to children. We at Romantique and Rebel are francophiles too and have fallen for the myth – there’s no book on French style we don’t have, we’ve written many articles on French icons we adore and have interviewed French colleagues and friends, all in the quest for deciphering their secret to style, love and life.

Last week, Rebel and I booked a train from London to Paris to engross ourselves in some field work. We’ve been to Paris many times before, but this time we wanted to look at Parisians with a fresh pair of scrutinising eyes. We looked at the myth and carefully checked this against reality. Here’s our impressions from our Paris trip:

French women wear red lipstick (and nothing else):

100% correct. Mostly warm, yellow based red lipstick is a make-up staple all Parisiennes share. However, we noted that little else make-up is applied. From a certain age, one should cover up imperfections to smooth skin to look polished. Not so the Parisienne. Which leads us to the next point….

French women have the “effortless style” nailed:

There’s a fine line between effortless and down right sloppy. We witnessed  French ladies in hip Marais sported having-just-crawled-out-of-bed hair, scruffy jeans, grey hair, paired with dirty adidas Stan Smith trainers. All of this seemed forced, as if the carrier wanted to appear “cool” by appearing to not have made too much of an effort.  Which defies the whole idea of “effortless” , right?

French women are chain smokers:

This is a stereotype which rings very true. People on the continent, compared to the UK, smoke a lot, especially in Paris. Which might explain how Parisienne’s stay so slim. Look at Caroline de Maigret, one of the authors of the book “How to be Parisian wherever you are”. She’s 39 and may be skinny, but also looks a decade older than she is.

Caroline de Maigret wearing Stan Smith trainers in Paris.

Caroline de Maigret wearing Stan Smith trainers in Paris.

French women love heels: 

Quite the contrary, Paris is the city of adidas trainers. Women of all ages can be seen in two types: Stan Smith and Superstar. Every shop window displaying elegant fashion paired outfits with a pair of trainers. Our Air B and B landlady wore the same pair as Rebel who is a fan too. I’ll stick with my ballerina, thank you!

Rebel is wearing: "Stan Smith" Adidas, Sunnies by Fendi, Bag by GF Ferré

Rebel is wearing: “Stan Smith” Adidas, Wintercoat by Max & Co., Sunnies by Fendi, Bag by GF Ferré


Parisiennes and labels

YSL, Celine, Balmain – all these labels can be seen worn by Asian women. I wonder if it’s the astronomical price or the cliche the Parisiennes are avoiding?

I'm wearing: Black Max and Co coast, quilted leather cross body bag from L Credi, sunnies by Prada, pink oxford lace-ups by AGL Attilio Giusi Leombruni.

I’m wearing: Black Max and Co coat, quilted leather cross body bag from L Credi, sunnies by Prada, pink Oxford lace-ups by AGL Attilio Giusi Leombruni.


For many, including us, French culture is the synonym for elegance, style and charm and the French have perfected fuelling this fire.

Where do you stand? Do you think the French are naturally good at putting clothes together and finding the perfect balance in life between femininity and feminism? Is common sense fashion advise such as: Choose a few quality timeless basics and build on them, avoid faddy fashion trends.” inherently French? Let’s start the debate!

Parisian Chic - busted

Posted on January 23, 2015

New Year, New Hair

Coats/ Rebel/ Shoes


For 2015, I intend to let me hair grow to rock a choppy bob like Sienna Miller. However, when I saw pictures of myself at Christmas time, I was horrified at the state of my hair! My Hair was in beetween two syles, short to bob, and it made me look mumsy and aged.  My haircut neither suited my face shape and attitude nor my hair structure  – the top 3 key criteria for the choice of an haircut. So, on Wednesday I went to get my hair cut short. I look like Kris Jenner but I’m happy and feel comfortable in my skin again!

Trainers by adidas Gazelle, Denim by Notify, Coat by GF Ferré, Sunglasses by Fendi
Posted on January 4, 2015

Advanced style: Chic at 62

Berlin/ Coats/ Romantique/ Wardrobe
Advanced Street Style Berlin

Advanced Street Style Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt


How to be fashionable after 60.  Firstly,  forget about “age-appropriate” dressing,  and break fashion rules!

You can be stylish and feel good in your own skin without being wafer thin and following mumsy advice.

Our mother is living proof of this philosophy and a great role model for us!

On a bitterly cold day in wintery Berlin, she chose to wear a timeless but modern parka, lined with fur to keep warm. Skinny jeans emphasise her slim legs while an oversized cashmere jumper (under the parka) hides her tummy.

Investment in well-made shoes and high quality bags has always been our mum’s credo. If cared for, they will last you many, many years and will always look elegant. Her shoes are by Italian label Candice Cooper and her bag is by Bally of Switzerland.

As we get older we lose definition of the face, so a stylish pair of glasses can help restore that definition.

Berlin Street style Parka Knitty witters Hamburg. Bally Bag. Shoes Candice Cooper

Our mom wears:

As we all come to terms with ageing and getting older, we should never forget these mantras by which our mum lives:

  • Never give up and let yourself go
  • Don’t battle age; make the best of it
  • Dress for yourself
  • Wear quality, not fashion
  • Look after your clothes and shoes


Selfie with Rebel

Selfie with Rebel at Berlin Gendarmenmarkt



Emmy Copycat Rossum wearing our mums’ BALLY “Sommet” Satchel. Guess, who had it first? Mummy R&R, of course!



Posted on November 29, 2014

A controversial post about a pink coat and brown boots

Coats/ Romantique/ Shoes/ Wardrobe

Pink max and co winter coat and brown sergio rossi boots london street style

What’s controversial about this outfit, some of you might say. Well, according to Rebel, this outfit is a terrible combination as the rustic riding boots are ruining the feminine pink coat. Rebel even went as far as saying that I cannot publish this outfit! Which of course led me to publisise it anyway.I agree partly: dainty flats, block heeled Mary-Janes or simple Chelsea ankle boots would have been a better fit better for the romantic coat. However, the rich chocolate brown boots are a good match for the pastel pink and take the girlyness down a notch, not necessarily a bad thing. In terms of shilouette, the fitted boots contrast nicely against the voluminous “bathrobe” cut of the coat.

I’m dying to know what you think: let me know you: Brown boots and pink coat hot or flop? Let us know!

London street style sergio rossi boots and coccinelle bag
Check out here how I styled the same coat for London Fashion Week 2014.
I’m wearing:
  • Pink coat by Max & Co 2014
  • Brown boots by Sergio Rossi
  • Pink Bag by Coccinelle
  • Hert umbrella by Moschino

Pink max and co winter coat and brown sergio rossi boots london street style


Pink max and co winter coat and brown sergio rossi boots london street style London at night: Pictures taken near WAterloo bridge


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