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Posted on March 29, 2013

Coloured Easter Eggs

Decor/ Romantique

Coloured Easter Eggs

Easter is not only a great excuse to decorate the house but also a celebration of spring. I’m getting  excited like a child when it’s time for the traditional colouring of hard- boiled eggs. You can eat them, decorate your house with or give them as presents.    In the above picture, I put my dyed eggs in a hay nest on an Alessi plate.

It’s so much fun to colour the eggs and it’s so easy, all you need is:

  • White eggs (brown will be fine too but the colours come out more vibrant on white eggs)
  • Easter Egg dye
  • Vinegar (most liquid dyes require mixing it with vingegar)
  • Kitchen paper
  • Transfer pictures if you like for the coloured egg
hard boil duck eggs for 12 minutes

hard boil duck eggs for 12 minutes

Step 1: Hard boil chicken eggs or duck eggs for 8-12 minutes depending on the kind. I used duck eggs only because UK supermarkets don’t seem to be doing white eggs anymore! I’m quite pleased with duck eggs as they are bigger as chicken eggs and look even better!

Easter Egg Dye

Easter Egg Dye

Step 2: Prepare the Easter Egg Dye: I bought mine from a German supermarket. The pack conveniently already included the plastic cups for submerging the eggs in the dye.

Easter eggs in dye

Step 3: Lower the hard boiled eggs carefully in the cups filled with dye and vinegar. Leave in as instructed.

easter eggs out of cup

The egg will soak up more color the longer you wait, so if the color isn’t what you want just yet, leave it a little longer

Add Decal pictures to your coloured eggs

Step 4: Add cute Easter motifs like chicken, flowers and bunnies to your eggs with  transferable pictures.

Decorated easter eggs in a hay nest

Decorated easter eggs in a hay nest

E voila: The finished coloured eggs sitting in hay nest on an Alessi plate.

Posted on March 3, 2013

Easter Décor

Decor/ Romantique

I proudly present: My Easter tree made of pussy willow and hanging decorations


It’s the 3 March today and Easter is approaching fast. I love an excuse to decorate the flat and Easter gives me just that! Unlike the UK, Germany is an absolute paradise of Easter decorations, every supermarket and drugstore offers a wide variety of window stickers, Easter grass, wooden carved Easter decorations to hang on pussy willow or forsythia branches.  On my last visit there two weeks ago, I raided the decor departments.

Lindt bunny nestled into easter grass on an Alessi plate

Inspiration for you: Lindt bunny nestled into Easter grass and an Alessi plate


I’m not religious, but I love the family tradition of hanging decorations on an Easter tree similar to a Christmas tree.

Easter egg tree wooden carved


“The tradition in Germany to decorate the branches of trees and bushes with eggs for Easter is centuries old, but its origins have been lost. The egg is an ancient symbol of life all over the world. Eggs are hung on branches of outdoor trees and bushes and on cut branches inside.The custom is found mostly in Germany and Austria, but also in other German-influenced places such as Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moravia, and the Pennsylvania Dutch region of the United States”.  Source: Wikipedia

Results of my raid :)

Results of my raid 🙂


Eggs, bunnies, Easter grass and window stickers, any excuse to buy gorgeous decorations will do!  If you are in the UK, you can get decorations in continental shops such as Butlers and Tiger.

Easter decorations

In Germany, we start decorating about 4 weeks before Easter.

German supermarket easter

Easter chocolates in a grocery store in Berlin.

Bunny window sticker

Bunny window sticker

Posted on March 2, 2013

Doily Lasercut Fashion

Decor/ Icons/ Skirts/ Wardrobe

Miranda Kerr looking like a dolly in doily fashion

Miranda Kerr’s butter-wouldn’t-melt sugary laser cut skirt reminds me of decorative paper doilies and 3 o’clock coffee and cake time!  One of the most playful trends for next summer 2013.  I can’t wait for the temperatures to rise! Miranda teams her white skirt with black pointy Mary Janes, white shirt and white Prada bag. Cute enough to eat. Just the icing is missing!

White lasercut beach dress

White lasercut beach dress

White doily pattern are a great style for the beach in the shape of a casual beach dress. I’m wearing a white laser dress in Sardinia.


White pencil skirt with lace lasercut detail from Max & Co, summer 2013.

Doily lasercut white dress

White doily inspired  lasercut dress. Aah!

Lasercut pencil skirt carven

Rockmantique : Lasercut leather pencil skirt from Carven.

Doily decoration

Doily decoration

The cute kitsch doilies are also great for home decoration: Mini doilies in tea lights.







Posted on January 19, 2013

Biscuit Boutique in Notting Hill

Cuisine/ Decor/ London/ Romantique/ Travel

Nothing is more invigorating than a stroll in London’s Notting Hill, even if it is a bitterly cold wintery day. There are always new cute shops popping up, like Biscuiteers, a biscuit boutique and icing Cafe in Kensington Park Road.

The beautifully decorated shop front, just opposite of my favourite Italian Restaurant, Osteria Basilica, drew me in straight away.  At Biscuiteers, you can’t only buy beautifully iced biscuits that taste as good as they look, but you can also get down to icing straight away!

Above: Puffer jacket from Feyem, gloves from Ugg, knit cap from Missoni.

The Gingerbread Buckingham Palace

If I’d live in Notting Hill, I’d have a pink door too!

The Parisian biscuit collection at Biscuiteers

Street Style London: Purple woven leather handbag from Patrick Cox.

Shelf at the Biscuiteers.

Yes, that’s the gingerbread Queen next to Batman and Superman!

Posted on December 25, 2012

Romantic Merry Christmas

Accessoires/ Berlin/ Decor/ Romantique


Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year, even though I dread the cold! This year has been extra special: Mr Romantique and I just got engaged and spent a warm holiday in Australia and are currently in the middle of a 10 day holiday in Berlin over Christmas filled with traditional German Christmas meals (goose, dumplings and red cabbage), lots of sweets and Christmas market visits. From next week onwards,  I will go on a diet to lose all the extra pounds. In the meantime I will indulge in the xmas goodies.

The Nutcracker Ballet is the most wonderful romantic ballet in the Christmas season – after all, E.T.A. Hoffman, the author of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King Novel, on which the ballet is based, was one of the most influential writers of the romantic movement. When I was little, I went to see Rebel dancing in this ballet for the German State Opera, back when she was a professional ballet dancer. Over a number of years, she played various roles – mouse, snowflake, child –  in the nutcracker ballet.

Want a sneak look at what Santa delivered?

An adorable Thomas Sabo gingerbread charm. Here he’s dangling off a gingerbread house.

What a great present from Rebel: French actress and model Laetitia Casta poses for Karl Lagerfeld for his Little Black Jacket exhibition which currently tours around the world.

I absolutely love these long,  caramel coloured leather gloves with white furry cuffs from Ugg – they can be shown off best in a coat with 3/4 sleeves length – think Michelle Obama!

Giant wooden christmas pyramides at Alexanderplatz Xmas market in Berlin

Our Christmas tree on the balcony.

Christmas music box in the shape of a retro TV – groovy!

We would love to hear how you spend xmas, what’s the tradition in your country, what presents did you give and get?


Lots of Love,

Romantique xox


Posted on December 19, 2012

Gingerbread house Décor

Accessoires/ Decor/ Romantique

Remember the witch house in the Brother’s Grimm fairytale Hansel and Gretel? The haunting story about a cannibalistic witch is not for the faint hearted children, but I remember when listening to that fairytale as a kid, I loved the idea of a cottage made of cake and confectionery!

The Gingerbread House (in German “Lebkuchenhaus” or “Pfefferkuchenhaus”) ,made of harder German style gingerbread, is not only fun to build when you have kids, but they also make a lovely xmas decoration.  I especially love the scent of spices the house exudes!

Above: My gingerbread house’s roof is covered in yummy “Pfefferkuchen” standing on an Alessi plate. I opted for the snowman guarding the house simply because the Hansel and Gretel version was sold out!

Gingerbread houses are a popular form of art in Europe, major centres of gingerbread mold carvings include Lyon in France, Pest in Hungary, Nuernberg and Ulm in Germany, Pardubice and Prague in the Czech Republic and Torun in Poland.  The people of Bergen in Norway even build a city of gingerbread houses each year before Xmas!

Yes I could take my gingerbread house obsession to the next level and get these cute gingerbread earrings from Parisian costume jeweller Les Nereides.

Posted on December 16, 2012

A slice of heaven – The boat house in Sydney

Australia/ Decor/ Romantique/ Travel

Some places on this earth are so beautiful, they don’t need fancy Instagraming to look cool or  atmospheric. The restaurant “The Boat House” in Sydney, located at Palm Beach, on the Northern Beach peninsula, is one of those places.

The  romantic chic interior has a  tasteful and contemporary feel,  decorated with fresh flowers and colourful, rustic furniture.  Just grab a sandwich from the bar and enjoy the stunning sea views from the wharf.

Enjoy the dreamy pictures of the Boat House!

The boat house  created a playful take on festive decorations in a warm climate – these Danish gingerbread houses dangling from a ceiling mounted ladder look too cute! Best Danish – Australian combo since Mary and Frederik!

The boat house decorated for a wedding – mind you, this stunning setting doesn’t need a lot of decorating!

Fresh flowers, colourful chairs and white wooden rustic tables – the perfect beach cottage décor.

Mr Romantique chilling on the wharf – he’s wearing shirt “Chester” in Raspberry from Reiss, shorts from H&M, South African Havaianas flip flips (or thongs, as they say in the Aussie part of the world).

I’m wearing a white broderie anglaise dress from Max & Co, straw hat from Seafolly Australia.

Posted on June 28, 2012

Anna Molinari’s Pastel Palazzo

Decor/ Romantique

Italian Fashion designer Anna Molinari has a weakness for romantic floral pattern, feminine cuts and delicate colours as embodied by her fashion brands Blumarine and Blugirl.

Her Villa in Tuscan Forte dei Marmi is a reflection of her love of the Italian sea with blue marine coloured curtains and furniture, one of her favourite colours and the name of her fashion label.

She confidently mixes modern and antique pieces  while keeping a fresh, breezy ambiance through the bright summer colours.

Aquamarine and lavender – a romantic mix!

Anna Molinari’s villa by the Ligurian sea in Tuscany

Unfortunately our tiny London flat looks nothing like the Casa Molinari, but with a few bright accessories you can give your home a romantic Anna Molinari touch. Pink lamp from Habitat, pink Vase from Bo, pink painting inspired by Fifi flowers painted by myself, flowery pillow case from Ikea, hig heel pillow case from Andy Warhol.

Add some feminity to your home with wall stickers – you can get hundreds of different designs online.

My old apartment in Kensington – walls painted in colour “Sweet Pink” by Dulux. Silver grey tafetta silk curtains tone down the sweetness.

Pink Vichy checked rug “Millinge”  from Ikea – Anna Molinari would approve!

Lushiously decked out table in Anna’s garden

Posted on April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques! Frohe Ostern!

Decor/ Romantique

It’s Easter Sunday and a typical overcast grey day in London. Nevermind, I love Easter and the decorations in pastel colours and spring branches and the anticipation of the impending summer it brings with it.

Above picture: In Germany, Easter is as big as Christmas. On Easter Sunday, kids go on easter egg hunts where they find  nests of chocolate eggs and bunnies nestled in the garden.

In the days leading up to Easter, you hard boil eggs and paint them in different colours.

Easter decorations at home: Spring branches decorated with eggs and bunnies.

The Easter bunnies go to London: Decorations in a shopping mall in Berlin, Germany.

The bunny as an Easter symbol has it’s origins in Germany, where it was first mentioned in German writings in the 1500s. The first edible Easter bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800s. German emigrants brought the symbol of the Easter rabbit to America in the 1700s.

And of course, they stop off in Paris too, where a blue Easter egg crowns the Eiffel Tower!

Easter decorations for the balcony: Willow pussy and forsythia branches in a huge milk bottle with the Easter rabbit lurking out.

Posted on March 21, 2012

Easter decoration ideas

Decor/ Romantique

Easter time is spring time and the anticipation if a long warm summer!  Coming from Germany, I love decorating the flat with bunny and egg ornaments.

When I was a child, we used to blow out eggs through a needle and then painted the hollow egg to hang them on branches (e.g. Pussy willow). Another tradition is to hard boil eggs and dip dye them to lay them in a woven Easter basket.

So where does the Easter rabbit come from? Contrary to what you might think, it is not a modern (or some of you might say American) invention!

The bunny as an Easter symbol has it’s origins in Germany, where it was first mentioned in German writings in the 1500s. The first edible Easter bunnies were made in Germany during the early 1800s. German emigrants brought the symbol of the Easter rabbit to America in the 1700s.

What would Easter be without the iconic Lindt Easter bunny? Decorative and yummy!

A minimalistic Easter bouquet with willow pussies and colourful felt rabbits – from Scandinavian retailer Tiger stores

Spice up your sofa with these pillows from the General Trading Company

Get creative and paint your own Easter bunny! From tiger stores

There are no chocolate bunnies on these pillows but the cup cakes are just as delicious!

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