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Posted on May 1, 2015

Bobbi Brown at Vogue Festival

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Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton at Vogue Festival 2015

Kate Upton, Bobbi Brown and Alexandra Schulman at the Vogue Festival Talk

Last weekend, I attended the Vogue festival hosted at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The yearly festival hosts a variety of inspirational talks and master classes all about fashion, journalism & female entrepreneurship.  The talk on “How to build your dreams” by Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton seemed like an inspiring  topic so I wasted no time in signing up for it. A rather grumpy Alexandra Schulman, chief editor of British Vogue, hosted the talk.

Bobbi came across as a refreshingly honest and a caring person. She frankly admitted, in front of Alexandra, that she doesn’t care for clothes but loves makeup. Dive with me into the key takeaways from the talk.

Alexandra: Did you always know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

BB: No, I never thought of running my own business. If someone said that to me, I would have run the other way.  I was, and am,  very naive, and in many ways that helped me in building the business as I always trust things will work out. I also never think I have to do something,  I just do what feels right.

Alexandra: What’s your life motto?

BB: Helping people where you can. I was raised to be nice and caring towards  everybody.

Alexandra: What do you hate about makeup? 

BB: Blue/purple mascara and contouring! Contouring has negative connotations as it implies that for example a round face needs when in fact most models have round faces. Make-up should enhance the Beauty you have, not trying to change it.

Alexandra: What are your hero products?

BB: The shimmer Brick is a great product as it consists of several colours to give dimension which looks very natural. Also, the foundation stick is a revolutionary product.

The hero product: The Shimmer Brick

The hero product: The Shimmer Brick

Alexandra: What product innovations are you most proud of?

BB: When I started out as a make-up artist, all foundations used to be pink, which did not match the colour of the skin tone. We all have yellow in our skin so I created yellow foundations that disappear into the skin, that’s when you know you  found the right shade of foundation! I was also always fixing bad lipsticks, mixing them with beige to achieve a more lip-like colour.

Alexandra: You are a also a designer of glasses, which are a signature look of yours.

BB: I love glasses, they hide lines and dark circles. People always ask me where they can buy the glasses I’m wearing. In fact, my glasses won’t suit everyone. My glasses range offers all colours and shapes to chose from.

Alexandra: Did you ever make mistakes during your career? 

BB: Of course, mistakes are part of life. We once brought out a range of neon colours – it didn’t work. It was too early, we were ahead of the time.

Alexandra: Why did you chose Kate Upton to represent BB? 

BB: She’s very relatable, comfortable in her body and coupled with healthy attitude, Kate is a role model who people look up to in the UK / US and Asia!

Kate Upton at Vogue Festival 2015

Kate looked absolutely stunning in this Dolce and Gabbana combo: High waisted monchrome gingham skirt and floral cardigan, topped up with lace pointy heels.

romantique at Vogue Festival 2015

Read more about the Vogue Festival and the fashionista visitors here.

Posted on March 1, 2015

Best Street Style of LFW 2015

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LFW 2015 blue mirrored ray bans and pink lipstick

Oh London, you are beautiful, ugly, classy, tacky, hot, cold, conservative and crazy, all of this embodied in the audience visiting London Fashion Week. For me, the trotting around the shows is the real magnet to come to LFW: To be inspired, to soak up the creativity and to meet new interesting people. Enjoy my pictures taken of best and worst of LFW Street style.

Above: Mirrored blue aviator Ray Ban: Check. Heavily pigmented pink lipstick: Check. Must-have furry coat: Check. Effortless cool. I could never wear this combo but this stylish creative pulls it off to perfection.

LFW 2015 Street style head mask Wow, she has attitude. I love her expression while I’m pondering if the head mask it the new trend for 2015.

Street style LFW 2015 blue coat, hat, flats

I adore this look in all it’s simplicity: Snakeskin printed loafers, cream trousers, baby blue winter coat.

LFW Street Style 2015 pleated leather skirt, blue Nike LFW in February is freezing so getting a break from the chill  is essential to recharge batteries. The blue Nike trainers lend the black leather pleated skirt and the thick woolen tights some edge, while the silver puffer jacket keeps this Fashion-week-goer toasty.


LFW 2015 Street style blue Cos skirt

This skirt length is so difficult to pull off as it makes most people (including me!) look small and disproportionate. However this fashionista nailed it! Pointy heels elongate the leg and the ankle straps emphasise skinny ankles. Love the blue A-line skirt from COS.



Posted on November 16, 2014

Get your Paws on it: Shupette Make-up by Karl Lagerfeld

Beauty/ Romantique

Shupette Make up collection Karl Lagerfeld


Yes, I’ll put my hand up and admit it: I’m an absolute sucker for cutsey cosmetic marketing involving cats. I nearly fainted upon discovering Karl Lagerfeld’s recent cooperation with Shu Uemura. The King’s super cute cat Choupette has been chosen to front Shu Uemura’s holiday make-up campaign.

The collection includes eyeshadows in minky cat colours, feline eyelashes, soft-as-paws cream blushers and a cleanser imprinted with the world’s most famous kitty.

While the eyeshadows look dangerously gaudy in bright blue and pink, applied to the eyelid, they are very wearable. I own the “eye-need-shu trio 02 Tokyo Kawaii” which includes a shimmery (but not too shimmery) burgundy brown, a sheer, subtle pink and an ivory shimmer shade.

Shupette Make up collection Karl Lagerfeld

Above:  The “Shupette has it all” palette includes 8 eyeshadows and 4 bright lipstick colours, supersoft blushers and two eyeshadow palettes in Parisienne and Tokyo Kawaii.

Shupette Make up collection Karl Lagerfeld

Above: On my eyelids, I’m wearing all four colours of the “Shupette has it all” palette: A sheer pink, a warm bronze, a burgundy brown and a shimmery ivory. Paris Earrings by Les Nereides.

Shupette Collection at Selfridges London

The Shupette make-up stand at London’s Selfridges

Soft as paws: Silk cushion blushers in orange and pink.

Soft as paws: Silk cushion blushers in orange and pink.


Shupette Make up collection Karl Lagerfeld

Thanks Mr Romantique for this lovely birthday present: eye-need-shu trio 02 Tokyo Kawaii. Check out the whole collection here.






Posted on October 24, 2014

How to wear French Red Lips

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique

French Red Lips

Sitting on the Eurostar on my way to Paris, I noticed that all French women had one striking accessory in common: The statement red lip.

True to French, effortless style, Parisienne’s wear the rich lip slightly out of context: Not in the evening combined with a Little Black Dress, but during the day paired with a messy bun, skinny jeans, and simple T-shirt on their way to the Boulangerie.

I used to be afraid of the vibrant lip, thinking that it looks gaudy and that only fuller Angelina-Jolie-lips can carry it off. Quite the opposite is true: Smaller lips can appear fuller and the right colour can do wonders for  your complexion.

Since Rebel introduced me to the red lip, I’ve never looked back. If you are hesitant, read my fool-proof, beginners guide on how to wear red lips:


Choose the right colour: If you are not sure what colour suits you, try out MAC’s iconic and much coveted matte lipstick Ruby Woo. It’s a blue-based red that looks great against cold, fair complexions as well as darker olive complexions.

Chose the right texture: If you are a red lip beginner, stick to matte or creamy-matte textures, very classic, very retro. They  last longer and are often more heavily pigmented, whereas creamy lipsticks tend to smudge more easily.

Wear the lipstick in different ways: Here’s a great tutorial by Lisa Eldrige showing 5  different  ways to wear a lipstick. If you are afraid of the strong colour, try wearing the lipstick as a gently-bitten stain.

Romantique is wearing MAC Ruby Woo. Rebel is wearing a mix of MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Viva Glam 1.

Romantique is wearing MAC Ruby Woo. Rebel is wearing a mix of MAC Ruby Woo and MAC Viva Glam 1.

RED LIPSTICK HALL OF FAME (Tried and tested by Romantique and Rebel)

MAC Ruby Woo               – a 100% matte, blue based red. Foolproof colour wich suits fair and olive complextions.

MAC Russian Red         – cool red, slightly more creamier than Ruby Woo. Loved by Alexa Chung, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, Madonna and many more!

MAC Lady Danger        – It’s a perfect bright bold red hinting at orange.

MAC VIVA GLAM I      – Rebel’s favourite, this is a slightly darker blue-based red with brown undertones. Perfect for autumn

Chanel Pirate                 – another classic,  fire-engine red

NARS Annabella, NARS Carmen  and Topshop Rio Rio – all of these red lipsticks have slight orange undertones. Great with a tan, ligthly orangey lipsticks are brigtheners for the face and perfect for summer.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum – A great versatile plummy-pink lipstick that you can wear lightly as a stain (which will give you that “I have just eaten berries” look) or for a full on autumn berry colour).

Revlon Fire and Ice          – A bright red which pulls either warm or cold, depending on the undertones in your skin. Launched in 1952, this is an undying make-up hero

Alexa Chung is wearing Russian Red lipstick by MAC

Quasi Parisienne Alexa Chung is wearing Russian Red lipstick by MAC for Glamour.

Rebel wearing Viva Glam 1 lipstick

Rebel wearing Viva Glam 1 lipstick

Rebel wears Lady Danger by MAC

Rebel wearing Lady Danger by MAC

Alexa Chung wearing the dark berry lipstick "Bruised Plum" By Tom Ford

Alexa Chung wearing the dark berry lipstick “Bruised Plum” By Tom Ford

French actress Marion Cotillard is another fan of Russian Red.  In this picture, she is wearing an organey-red. Try the new NARS Audacious lipstick in Annabella.

French actress Marion Cotillard is another fan of Russian Red. In this picture, she is wearing an organey-red. Try the new NARS Audacious lipstick in Annabella.

Gorgeous Love, from the girl named love blog, wearing Revlon's Fire and Ice

Gorgeous Love, from “TheGirl named Love” blog, wearing Revlon’s Fire and Ice

Hopefully the photos will inspire those of you who haven’t dared to jump into the wonderful world of red lips yet. A red lip has become my favourite fashion accessory, vamping up every outfit. Tell us about your favourite lipstick colour and why you’ve chosen it. We’d love to hear from you!

Swatches of our most favourite lipstick colours

Swatches of our favourite lipstick colours






Posted on September 14, 2014

London Fashion Week Street Style – Edit by Romantique

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London Fashion Week Sept 2014 street style Les nereides alice earrings

I loved getting amongst the inspirational, stylish like-minded bloggers and designers at LFW September 2014.

Romantique’s round-up of the hottest and most romantic street styles of London Fashion Week!

Street Style 1: Tea Time in Paris

Gorgeous designer and blogger, Love, from The Girl Named Love is rocking jewellery from Les Nereides. The small Alice in Wonderland from the “Tea time in Paris” collection is to die for. Apart from her name, I also love Love’s laid back, chic style. Checkered sneakers, checked poncho and that rebel red lipstick! (Fire and Ice by Revlon).

ondon Fashion Week Sept 2014 street style Les nereides alice earrings


London Fashion Week Sept Street style Gingham

Street style 2:  Brigitte Bardot Style in London

What’s not to love about this look? The Vichy gingham checked blouse – casually knotted, the A-Line leather skirt, the flat ballerina pumps and the natural make-up.  It’s like an excursion to the Cote d’Azur in the 50s.

London Fashion Week Sept Street style waffle coat

Street style 3: Fondant coloured Autumn Look

This sugary pastel blue, quilted waffle coat makes me long for chillier autumn days so I can wear coats again. The flat,  gold-chained slippers  mirro the gold buttons of the coat beautifully. The embroidered mini bag is the icing on the cake.


London Fashion Week Sept Street style lilac and purple

Street style 4: Lilac and Turqoise

In this outfit, lilac and turqoise go together like toast and Nutella! This is a romantic princess look with the little sparkly crown, embellished collar and soft dress. The clashes of the colours give it just the right amount of edge to balance the sweetness.


London Fashion Week Sept Street style sicilia dolce and gabbana

Street style 5: Greetings from Bella Italia

Ah Sicilia I miss you! This street style makes me reminisce about our holiday back in July. The cart wheels on the Dolce and Gabbana T-shirt look like a statement necklace.  Knitted pencil skirt from Ekaterina Kukhareva.

Posted on December 20, 2013

Best of Gourmand Perfumes

Beauty/ Romantique

Gourmand Perfumes

Gourmand Perfumes are powdery and contain notes of vanilla, cinnamon, almond and fruit like apples or raspberries. Everything that can be eaten and is delicious! One of the first  Gourmand perfume on the market was Angel. Thierry Mugler asked the perfumers to create the scent of an innocent childhood memory at the fair with notes of cotton candy, vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

While I love Angel on others (Mr Romantique uses A*man), I don’t like it on myself. Despite not loving the epitome of this perfume genre, I  absolutely adore gourmand aromas and have compiled a list of  my top 5 perfumes of succulent smells below in the hope to inspire you!


5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy has powdery, fruity, citrussy and floral notes. For me it’s a not a 100% gourmand perfume as the florals are dominating. However, it’s a nice hybrid for someone who doesn’t dare to go full blown sweet.


4. Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf

The name of this scent is misleading, as flowerbomb exudes more sweet candy notes rather than flowery one. A young and sweet smell!


3.  Aqua Allegoria Pamplemme by Guerlain

A fresh, grown-up and delicious grapefruit scent. Perfect for summer, it really perks me up in the morning.


2. Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

It was a close call between my two favourite and regular perfumes I keep on buying again and again. Signorina  is a relatively new fragrance (launched in 2012), a wonderfully sweet and feminine smell oozing  Pannacotta, patchouli, musk, black current and pink pepper. A heavenly combination!

  signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

1. Candy by Prada

Prada Candy (the original, not the Prada Candy L’eau version”)  is my winner! Prada made the impossible possible by finding the right balance of a strong caramel, chocolate scent that doesn’t appear vulgar or too young. A lady-like, every day staple to complement romantic outfits!


My girl crush, French actress Lea Seydoux, in the commercial for Prada Candy.

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt



Posted on October 13, 2013

Advice for sallow complexions from Edith Head

Beauty/ Movie & Books/ Rebel Alexa


We are family but each of us has a different skin tone, hair and eyes – see above our mom, romantique and me. Here are some colour aura recommendations for famous stars from the book “Dress for Success” by Edith Head. Does your colour aura match of them? See wich star fits to R&R mummy, Romantique and Rebel.

1. Kim Novak = R&R Mummy: blonde hair, fair skin, brown eyes


Best colours: Blues, violetts, soft greens, golden beige, white.

2. Romy Schneider = Romantique: brown hair, fair skin, blue eyes


Best Colours: Apricot, mint green, pale pink, blue, pink-beige, medium shades of brown

3. Sophia Loren = Rebel: dark hair,olive skin, hazel eyes


Best Colours: Pink, peach, apricot, beige tones, ivory and black, clear red and charcoal gray


Edith Head advice for swallow complexions is:

” Stay away from all colours that have yellow casts: yellow, yellow-beige, orange-red, yellow-browns, gold and tan – regardless of the other colours in your picture (eyes and hair). Light colours like pastels and white are good because they tend to make you look tan rather than yellowish. You can wear black, but it is best to have some lighter colour, in form of collar or trim, near the face.”

Posted on September 24, 2013

Romantic Wedding Flower Crown

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Floral headpiece made at florist in Berlin. Lilly of the valley earrings from Les Nereides.

My floral headpiece made at a Tempelhof florist in Berlin. Lilly of the valley earrings from Les Nereides.


3 weeks ago, on 31st August, Tatiana Santo Domingo married Grace Kelly’s grandson, Andrea Casiraghi, in Monaco. Just 5 days before I married Mr Romantique in Berlin! While Tatiana opted for a boho wedding dress from Missoni complete with flower power head piece, I went for the Audrey Hepburn 50s look. Vichy checked kitten heels and a flared tea length dress from Jcrew (Rosebloom).

Just like her, I decided to wear a flower crown to give my dress a romantic flair. To not make it look too boho, the delicate pink flowers were arranged on an alice band that I could easily pop into my hair.

floral headpieces wedding tatiana santo domingo

Tatiana’s wonderfully relaxed boho wedding guests wearing flower tiaras just like the bride!

Romantique floral head piece

A thick pleated hair streak completed the romantic look

This is how I got inspired to wear a floral head piece: By the lovely Alexa Chung

Floral crown inspiration from Alexa Chung

Audrey Hepburn marries Mel Ferrer in 1954 in a Balmain dress and floral tiara

Audrey Hepburn marries Mel Ferrer in 1954 in a Balmain dress and floral tiara

romantic flower crown

Bridal floral crown

Rosebloom tea length wedding dress from Jcrew

Rosebloom tea length wedding dress from Jcrew. Kitten heels from Marc Jacobs

Posted on August 31, 2013

Romantique’s Nail Varnish Hall of Fame

From right to left: YSL 'Parme Graffiti', Chanel 'Delight', Chanel 'Emprise', Dior 'Gris Trianon'

From right to left: YSL ‘Parme Graffiti’, Chanel ‘Delight’, Chanel ‘Emprise’, Dior ‘Gris Trianon’


I love painting my toe nails in bright colours in summer to vamp up my sandals. For my hands, I prefer muted, understated colours that go with every outfit. Today I want to share my favourite five summer nail varnishes with you. Colours I find myself reaching for again and again. Here they are:

Parme Graffiti and AGL Sandals

Parme Graffiti and AGL Sandals. Floral dress from Max & Co.


Yves Saint Laurent nail varnish in “Parme Graffiti” – This nail varnish was part of the Summer 2013 make-up range along with Jade Imperial. I just love the very pigmented, bright colour. Guaranteed no chips for 10 days! I prefer this colour for my feet but it looks equally as gorgeous on nails!

Chanel Emprise Nail Varnish

Chanel’s ‘Emprise’ is a peachy nude pink for the every day look of groomed, manicured hands. Love it.

Chanel Gold Nail Varnish Delight

My all time favorite: Chanel’s ‘Delight’, a gorgeous gold bronzey colour. Surprisingly non gaudy, this is a great colour for every day. Appropriate for summer as it reflects the sun beautifully, without being too overwhelming, as well as being perfectly xmassy for the festive period (I know I know, it’s still summer and we are miles away from dreary winter! )

Dior Nail Varnish 'Gris Trianon'

Dior Nail Varnish ‘Gris Trianon’

Remember the hype about Chanel’s greige ‘Frenzy’? This is like Frenzy but better! Dior’s ‘Gris Trianon’ greige colour is a bit stronger (Frenzy makes my hands look washed out) while still being a discreet nude colour. In my opinion, the quality is even superior to Chanel’s nail varnishes (which is pretty darn good already).


Posted on August 24, 2013

Romantique’s Wedding Make-up

Beauty/ Romantique
My bridal make-up!

My bridal make-up!

Only 11 days left til my wedding! One of the most important aspects of the big day is the make-up. I want to look like myself, only better. The most tricky part for me is foundation: I never wear foundation (apart from BB creme) as it tends to age me by emphasizing fine lines and all foundations seem to suffocate the natural fresh glow of the skin.  For the big day and being photographed, I know I have to step up a little bit in the makeup department.

In the last few weeks I have tried out many bridal make up trial lessons at several brand counters and I found Bobbi Brown to be the best and closest to how I want to look on my big day. Here are my recommendations for a beautiful, natural look:

1. Foundation

The Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturzing Balm in “Medium” is exactly what I was looking for: A tinted balm with light to medium coverage. It gives a dewy, glowy finish (the skin shines lightly).

For areas that need a bit of more coverage (for me it’s around the nose to cover up broken capillaries), the foundation stick in “Warm Natural” is perfect. The Bobbi Brown SA applied it on my nose and around the mouth.

2. Eyes

A sheer pink pigmented sparkle eyeshadow from Bobbi Brown in the shade “Ballet” looks understated and pretty. I used to run a mile when confronted with sparkle eyeshadow. I find that this one brightens up the eyes without emphasizing fine lines. According to Bobbi Brown herself, the age to stop sparkle eyeshadow is 100!

Bobbi’s gel eyeliner in colour “Black Mauve shimmer” was put in the upper waterline of my eyes. The application wasn’t very comfortable but I liked the result. The inner liner gave my eyes definition and made them look very natural.

Mascara is a must and Bobbi Brown’s Intensifying Long wear mascara comes pretty close to my HG Mascara from Helena Rubinstein.

gouettes bleues

Opticalm’s “Gouttes Bleues” blue eyedrops is a legendary product in France, used for 60 years. Recommended by French photographers, they give radiance to the eyes.

Dior’s eyeshadows are famous for the butter-like, smooth consistency. I love this natural 5 shadow “Rosy Tan”  after watching a Lisa Eldrige Bridal tuturial using these shadows.

My Bridal Make-up from Bobbi Brown

My Bridal Make-up from Bobbi Brown. Parisian Earrings from Les Nereides.

3.  Blush

Bobbi Brown “Pretty Pink” for a pop of fresh colour on the apples of the cheeks.

4. Lips

I am wearing Bobbi Brown’s Lip Color in “Sandwash Pink”, the same Kate Middleton wore at her wedding. While I’m not a fan of her too heavy eyemakeup (I’m with you Karl!), I love her subtle, pretty lips.

Bobbi Brown in sandwash pink

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