Posted on July 20, 2012

Best of Drugstore: white teeth & orange lips


Every woman has something special about her. One has long legs, beautiful thick hair, great lips or clear skin. My assets are my teeth. I would even say I’m OCD about looking after my teeth. For me it’s about maintaining good material and make my teeth last as long as possible. Even more so because my teeth are a dominant and striking characteristic of my face, so I want them to look tip top. To do this, I visit the hygienist three times a week. I brush my teeth 3 times a day with 3 different tooth pastes. The most important toothpaste for white teeth is ELMEX intensive. It prevents dark staining and prolongs the effects of the polishing from the hygienist.


The Colour Riche lipsticks from L’Oreal have a solid formulation: good coverage, good pigmentation and long lasting colour. Now to the colour choice: Orange is not really my colour, but the Colour Riche 115 Rouge Coral is ideal in summer when my skin is lightly tanned. In Winter with pale skin this colour does not work for me anymore and I have to use darker tones. What I like most aobut the Colour Riche 115 is that it won’t make the teeth appear yellow because it was smartly mixed with blue.

Beauty Comparison Germany – France:

French women are known as vain, glamourous and sexy, they use scarlet red lipstick during the day and prefer heavy perfumes. German women are more about health and wellness, she like lipsticks in nude and rosewood tones and prefer light and tangy perfumes. (Source: Ipsos Study from Nivea).

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