Posted on August 23, 2012

Best fashion style for older age – Lauren Hutton

Rebel Alexa

I am 41 years old and I do a lot of thoughts about getting older and what consequences this will have on my fashion style. How I want to grow old? In addition, I have studied a lot of role models and I came to the conclusion that a sporty look embodies the youthful attitude.

Lauren Hutton has the perfect sporty and simple look that makes you look fresh and youthful. Too much elegance and femininity makes old in my eyes and there’s a lot of deterrent examples – e.g. Sophia Loren. That means dress down in later years.

Simple and sporty casual doesn’t mean masculine! Feminine yes, but never too much. Highlight only one aspect of female but never from head to foot because then you would look like a clown, guaranteed.

Yes, yes I will also look at age 60!

No, no I will never so look at the age. Please, beat me if do!


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