Posted on August 20, 2013

Be a woman like Sofia Coppola

“I never wanted to be a girl. If a could chose to be one, it would be Sofia. She’s so feminine, likeable and at the same time so confident. I’m sure she works hard, while she manages to make it look so easy and effortless.”
Those were the words that MARC JACOBS used when talking about his close friend and longtime muse Sofia Coppola.
To be a woman like Sofia Coppola just think about Marc Jacobs words – in your daily life, be likeable, feminine and confident.
Film is in your blood, was there ever a plan B?
“I never really planned to be a film director, I always liked magazines and wanted to be a magazine editor or an art director.
I always liked the visual arts but I was always on the set and my dad was always talking to my brothers and I about film-making, trying to teach us about it. In my 20s when I read the book The Virgin Suicides, that was what made me want to direct a movie because I loved that book and felt protective of it and didn’t want anyone to ruin the movie version. I wasn’t looking for a project.”

Marc Jacobs named a bag after you – what was more of an honour, an Oscar or a bag?

“That’s funny, yeah, I thought the bag was nice but it didn’t make as big an impact on my life. The Oscar helped me with my career, my work.”


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