Posted on January 30, 2016

Rebel’s Workout Playlist

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Fitness workouts should be approached with discipline and the right amount of wholeheartedness. Don’t shy away from getting up half an hour earlier or making the effort to hop on the rowing machine after a long day in the office.

I love this quote by Cindy Crawford, she hits the nail on the head: “Excuses won’t burn energy or whip you in shape” . My weekly workout programme consists of muscle training and specific back training once a week as well as rowing training twice a week.

 With this below play list, seven kilometres of rowing is child’s play! I feel good and am in a great mood after every session!


Britney Bitch gives us the right kick…


“Blank Space” and “Shake it off” are my favorite Songs – Love Taylor.

DS-Barbara Streisand-Final Beats, Beats….


“Happy” makes me HAPPY!


Andreas Bourani is THE best German Popstar at the moment!


Get ready with Madonna – A Madonna song should definitely be part of your playlist

Posted on January 11, 2016

Leopard Boots: Your best Friend for Classic Outfits

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My personal style is reflected in my personality: An efficient wardrobe which I can quickly adapt in many variations.

The main, basic ingredients are: Simple, clear cuts and colours which are easy to combine. Being a rebel, I love spicing up an outfit with accessories that POP. This winter, that’s my leopard ankle boots. They take every outfit to the next level and are your best friend for casual, basic styles.


You can also style leopard print with a number of pattern: Whether they are maritime stripes, checks or feminine flower prints. However, I wouldn’t recommend wearing these pattern clashes to the office. Simple sophistication is the main mantra for the working girl.


Street Style Leopard Boots with eye catching checked Blazer

Leopard boots are the shoe of choice for celebrities such as Dakota Johnson, Emma Roberts and Anja Rubik.

leo boots street style

leo boots street style (3)

leo boots street style (2)


Posted on December 6, 2015

Style Icon Romy Schneider: Be a Romy in a World full of Kardashians

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Romy Schneider German Style Icon (4)

The iconic Pink Chanel outfit – Jackie Kennedy wore the same in Dallas.

When I was a teenager, there weren’t any table books such as “Fashion Style Icons” – in my time, there were only coffee table books on actresses. I had two huge books on Romy Schneider in which I used to browse, dreaming about the big, wide world out there! Romy Schneider lived in glamourous Paris and dated Alain Delon! For me, this was exotic, mysterious, couragious, self-determined and made a lasting impression on me. Hence, I’m sharing with you my personal Best of Romy iconic style moments.


Romy Schneider German Style Icon (6)

Romy Schneider and Alain Delon strolling in Paris. Romy is wearing a Leopard print coat (a Parisian staple today!), fishnet tights and black pointy kittne heels.

Romy Schneider German Style Icon (7)

Romy displaying 60’s Romantic Style. A favourite of Rebels too!

Romy Schneider German Style Icon (2)

70’s Pucci Girl!

70’s Caftan and Carpet Style – LOVE!

Romy Schneider German Style Icon (3)

Cat Eyes and Leopard print Style.

Posted on November 10, 2015

Sisters in Style – Romantique and Rebel Instagram to Follow Now

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Whether you are  an Instagram newcomer or a veteran, you should start  following our romantiqueandrebel account now!  Click through our best of instagram posts to catch a glimpse of our  sisters’ life in London and Hamburg.

#italy police

# Romantique flirting with Italian Police in Palermo


#Rebel’s Nailpolish Collection by Essie


#Romantique chills on the Beach

#smoothie #Rebel’s Smoothie Lunch


#Romatique at the beach in Germany

#rebel (2)

#Happy Rebel


#Stunning Palermo


#Rebel Miami Street Style


#Romantique’s Street Style


#Romantique’s Meow Halloween


#Rebel Autumn Street Style

Posted on November 7, 2015

How To Dress Your Age for Autumn 2015

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In a world where everyone from nine to 90 wears jeans, what does “age appropriate” actually mean?


Dressing your age means feeling comfortable in your own skin and working with what you’ve got.  In my case, now that I’m in my 40s, I find myself wanting to dress not necessarily younger but edgier. I want to push my boundaries, to find silhouettes that are modern and clean and have a twist – therefore I can not say goodbye to my Allstar Converse. I need a little funk. Not a lot. But enough to keep it all interesting.


My beloved Allstar Converse in Black, Bag by Moschino.

The key to successfully looking age appropriate and modern is paying attention to what feels right on you – trust your instincts and don’t get distracted by 25 year old girls with 30 million followers on instagram, that’s not helpful. Take your cue from women who do it well, like Charlize Theron, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney. Age classy, not trashy and you dress your age. 


I wore: Blazer by Tommy Hilfiger, Shirt and Flats by Jcrew

Posted on November 3, 2015

Straw Bag in Golden Autumn

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Rebel Sicily Bag Autumn

I’m wearing: “Gig” Sicily Bag, Denim shirt by 0039 Italy, skinny jeans by Zara, leopard flats by BCBG, nude sunglasses by Celine.

Romantique and I are in love with Sicily Bag, the beautiful coffa straw bags Romantique discovered this year on her summer holiday in Sicily. In 6 weeks, she managed to set up a web boutique to share these artisanal wonders with the world!

As we’re moving into chillier but golden-sunny autumn weather, I wondered whether I’d still get away with carrying the richly embellished summer accessory. The answer is yes! As long as the weather is sunny and dry, the Sicilian basket looks stunning set against the oranges, yellows and deep reds of autumn.

Personally, I like to keep my outfit simple, with classic shapes and muted colours, and then have one accessory to pop, like Sicily Bag. In the pic above, I’m wearing a denim shirt, denim skinnies and leopard flats.

I'm wearing: "Gigi" Sicily Bag, Breton striped shirt by J Crew. Flats by BCBG.

I’m wearing: “Gigi” Sicily Bag, Breton striped shirt by J Crew. Flats by BCBG.

I love simple Breton stripes for their versatility:  Wear them with short sleeves in summer, or with long sleeves and in cosy materials like wool and cashmere in winter. Combine with Sicily Bag to make you feel like summer hasn’t left the building just yet. Love it!


Rebel Sicily Bag Coffa Zara Denim

Posted on October 3, 2015

Highlights Florida, Part 3 – Key West & Miami Downtown

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Palm Beach

Life takes on a slower pace in Key West – I felt that all people, who are tired of a conventional 9-5 pm lifestyle, head to Key West. The motto there is: “We are all one human family” – and you can feel this tolerant attitude. It doesn’t matter where you are from, everything is possible, life is a party. The excessive pursuit of fame, wealth and recognition is not the goal on the island.


Biker Festival on Duval Street

The absolute highlight on Key West was our visit to the Hemingway House. The building exudes a special aura, there are lots of little anecdotes told about Hemingway. However, the actual attraction of the house are the cats!

Streetstyle Duval Street, Key West

There are 54 (!) cats living on the property, are all descendants of “Snowshoes”, Hemingway’s six-toed cats. All cats are named after fame celebrities: Ava Gardner, Edgar Allen Poe, etc. There’s even a little cat cemetery complete with memorial stones. Most cats at the Hemingway House are sterilized apart from a few exceptions who carry the gen of the six-toes and love philandering in the catty neighbourhood.

Papa Hemingway relaxing at Key West


Cat Arichbald


Maybe Cat Ingrid Bergman?

Typical cat! In the middle of Hemingway’s Spanish bed from the 17th century, this feline named “Archibald McLeish” is taking an afternoon nap, not phased at all about the tourists. Too adorable, this cheeky rascal!


Cat “Archibald McLeish” on Hemingways Bed

You can spend hours on the Hemingway property, playing with the cats (if they feel like it)!

Most of the time, they prefer to snooze, eat and have their own space, just being a cat basically.

Dont’ miss the small, nondescript book and souvenir shop near the Swimming pool to take back some amazing post cards and pictures for decorating your apartment back home.


On the way home to Key West, we stopped at Miami Downtown. The city skyline is shaped by new apartment blocks, commercial high rise buildings and grand luxurious Hotels, giving it the new name as “Little Manhattan”.


What I wore: Skinny pants by ZARA, Blouse by Ralph Lauren, Shoes & Bag by TK Maxx

Posted on September 28, 2015

Highlights Florida, Part 2 – Let’s go to Miami South Beach!

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Miami has a lot more to offer than South Beach which is the main tourist attraction. South Beach was the start of my sight-seeing tour in Florida.

Here are my highlights of 4 hours in South Beach:

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES 1. Ocean Drive – The Ocean Drive is not just a simple road but THE road in Miami. The real stars of that road are not some celebreties or tourists pretending to be famous but the glamourous Art Deco buildings of 1st – 11th Street.


What I wore: white Blouse by MILAN, Pants by ZARA, Strawbag by Sicily Bag, Sunglasses by Fendi , Sandals by TK MAXX.

2. Art Deco Historic district: The Art Deco district, starting on 18th Street, is the centre of South Beach. The gorgeous Hotels with their characteristic facades, the salty sea air and the shimmering light – this is Miami.


3. South Beach – the cubistic inspired life guard stations scattered along the beach are a stunning examples of the classic Art Deco architecture. The geometric shapes paired with the poppy colours of the towers are a must-see – look out for the sugary pink life guard tower directly behind the Beach Patrol!


4. Road A1A – To ride along this road, to open the windows of your convertible, the sunset in your back, watching giant cruise ships passing by – this is the Miami life style!

karte-miami-beach-100 (2)


Posted on September 24, 2015

Highlights Florida, Part 1

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Welcome to Florida! In the past few months, I’ve worked like a slave so I was more than ready for some holiday and down time.  Longingly,  I‘ve been looking forward longingly to a bit over two weeks of vacation. Florida is known for it’s endless beaches with sand like icing sugar, tasty seafood, spectacular sunsets and  shopping.


The sun and surf makes you forget the grinding boredom of everyday life and the bad weather back home. 


What more do you want – Beach, sun an incredible blue sky, perusing USA Elle and an Organic Beach Cafe (in Lauderdale by the Sea Beach) just next door.


Easy peasy Beachstyle – Skirt by Tommy Hilfiger, Shirt by H&M, Bag from TK Maxx.

Stay tuned for more post’s about my vacation in Sunshine Florida!


Posted on August 16, 2015

Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt: 6 Ideas for Mother and Daughter Quality Time

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Yesterday, I had a family day with my mom and dad in Berlin. After lunch at Straussberger Platz, my mom and I strolled around Gendarmenmarkt, my favourite spot in Berlin.  In this post, you can get 6 ideas on how to make the most of one hour mother- daughter quality time in Berlin-Mitte .

Berlin Summer Street Style 2015

Take a selfie with your mom and have fun!


Wedding shoot at Schauspielhaus – get inspirations for your wedding day!

Berlin Summer 2015

Buy French chocolate at French department store Galeries Lafayette and enjoy! Magnifique!

Berlin Summer Street Style

Take a street style photo of your Berlin outfit.

Dior Sunglasses 2015

Try 20 Dior, Chanel, Gucci and Fendi sunglasses with your mom at Galeries Lafayette.

Berlin Gucci Sunglasses

Mom is wearing DIOR, I’m wearing GUCCI.

Berlin Summer 2015 (3)

Be part behind the scenes of a film set at Friedrichstrasse.

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