Posted on March 21, 2012

Love Phoebe Philo – she is the best!

Rebel Alexa

I wear Celine.

Quotes by Phoebe Philo creative director of Celine:

“Historically, the bits of Celine I knew from researching, generally over the years, were typically Parisian a pleated skirt, a silk blouse and a blazer. And I quite like the conservativeness of that, that Parisian chic, that conservative woman. Bourgeois. A bit saucy.”

“It’s never been important to me that my name is above shop windows,” she says, “and I get a lot of comfort out of having something I can stand behind. Let Celine be the name and the front of it…”

“Shall we have a fag?”

She wears Celine: Anna Wintour

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