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Posted on March 29, 2015

What to wear on a boat trip?

Featured/ Rebel Alexa



We’re dying to say goodbye to winter! We want to move forward to an exciting, yet-to-be-discovered future. Summer is coming and we are looking forward to eating icecream, relaxing on the beach and maybe having a boat trip like Audrey Hepburn photographed by Hans Gerber on a lake in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, in August 1954. Audrey was wearing a long sleeve white shirt and shorts by Emilio Pucci.

Audrey-Hepburn by Hans Gerber

Audrey Hepburn Switzerland by Hans Gerber

In December last year in Sydney, Romantique  was wearing a white dress by Max & Co., a summer necklace with cherries, a cross body bag, Sunglasses by Prada – a similar model which Audrey holds in the first image. 


Posted on March 28, 2015

Coats and Biscuits

Coats/ Cuisine/ Featured/ London/ Romantique

London street style purple coat max and co prada handbag

We are approaching now what I’m hoping to be the last few days of having to wear a woollen coat. I love all my coats as they are bright coloured to help overcome the winter blues. Still, I’m longing for the warm rays of spring, for lighter trench coats and jackets, for ballerinas without socks and drinking macchiatos in street cafes. Unlike the last couple of years before, March has been quite a chilly month with temperatures only in the one digit spheres.

For an outing to my favourite biscuit boutique Biscuiteers in Notting Hill, I’m wearing:

  • Purple coat by Max and Co
  • Black doctor’s handbag by Prada
  • Sprinkle ankle boots by Kurt Geiger
  • White cat earings by Les Nereides
  • Gloves by Blumarine
  • Shades by Ray Ban

Biscuiteers specialise in hand-iced, beautifully decorated cookies. Often London themed, the Notting hill shop window is a feast for the eyes: Iconic sights such as Buckingham palace, red telephones are taxis and black cabs interpreted with sweet gingerbread.  The cookies biscuits are so detailed, they can pass for little pieces of art. If you are looking for a special Easter present, check out the Biscuiteers shop in Notting Hill or the newly opened boutique in Clapham.

London street style purple coat max and co prada handbag


Biscuiteers London Notting Hill red telephone box


London street style purple coat max and co prada handbag

Easter themed Biscuiteers Boutique in Clapham, London

Easter themed Biscuiteers Boutique in Clapham, London

Posted on March 22, 2015

Soupe Du Jour – London’s best Soups!

Featured/ London/ Romantique

Soup Du Jour London City

“Once upon a time, there was a big, intimidating city called London, the financial hub of Europe. People used to work long, hard hours, sitting indoors, bereft of fresh air and sunshine. Their only respite was a hastened lunch break at one of the formulaic food chains such as Starbucks, Eat or Prêt-a-Manger, all offering roughly the same selection of sandwiches.

Then, one day, emerging from the sea of chains in London’s inner city, Soupe du Jour opened it’s doors, on a mission to nourish exhausted city workers with wholesome fresh made soups, using traceable ingredients from a farm in Oxfordshire. All cooked up to “Grandma recipes” from around the world and served in relaxing surroundings resembling a birch forest in Central Europe.”

Soup du Jour London smoked butterbeans

This is the fairytale of Soupe du Jour. Founded by a German-French duo dedicated to bringing proper soups to Londoners . I visited the newly opened La City outlet last week to test drive the concept. Initially I was sceptical. After all, what’s so special about soups? I only tend to have them when I’m sick. On arrival at Soupe du Jour, I quickly become a convert. The dairy and gluten free soups create a genuine explosion of fresh tasty goodness on your taste buds: Thick and creamy, with whole chunks of fresh ingredients, not watery blandness. The Michelin trained chef creates a new soup daily (The Soupe du Jour), which sits alongside five always-available staples. You can customise your order by adding toppings such as meat balls, cheese crisps or chorizo.

London Soup du Jour German Rye Bread

Each soup comes with a freshly baked German rye bread which can be topped with mediterranean or herbal butter.

All ingredients are freshly sourced from free-range farms, ensuring a positive contribution to animal welfare.

Soup du Jour London Each soup is more delectable than the previous, making it impossible to choose my favourite!

  • Booster: “The Chill” is made of minced beans, beef, tomato juice, chopped tomatoes, honey and paprika powder.
  • Detox: “The Vegetable”  is packed with celery, carrots, onions, white and red cabbage, parsley and nutmeg.
  • Energy: “The Carrot”, filled with carrots, onions, orange juice, ginger and coconut milk.

Soup du Jour London romantique

Up for a coffee or tea and a scone after your main mail? I loved the coffee and chocolate  scone. The cappuccino tasted just as good as in Rome, the coffee beans are sourced from a local supplier in Star Lane. If you fancy something savoury, try the pretzel or curry chilly scone.

Pretzel Soup du Jour

Hopefully this post made you a little bit peckish. You can find Soupe du Jour in Soho and and in the city.

Bon appetit!

London Soup Du Jour

All ingredients are freshly sourced from free-range farms, ensuring a positive contribution to animal welfare.

A big Thank you to Bérengère and the team  from Soupe Du Jour for hosting me.

Soup du jour london


Posted on March 15, 2015

Hat Style according to Dior

Accessoires/ Featured/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

I’ve been thinking about an important question lately:  Should one wear a hat or not? If so, how do I style a hat? I’ve looked up advice from no other than Monsieur Christian Dior himself, in my “Little Dictionary of Fashion”. Here’s his take on the hat:

“I think that in town you cannot be really dressed without a hat. It is really the completion of your outfit an in another way, it is very often the best way to show your personality. It is easier to express yourself sometimes with your hat than with your clothes.
A hat can make you gay, serious, dignified, happy – or sometimes ugly, if you don’t choose it well!”

When the book was published, in 1954, a hat was a must to complete an outfit. These days, wearing a hat is no longer customary. I wouldn’t wear a hat on my way to work, the styling is too complicated. London Fashion Week however is the perfect occasion to wear a hat. I had so much fun wearing my pop blue coloured chapeau by BCBG. It instanlty lifted my whole outfit.

I’m wearing:
  • Blue wide brimmed hat by BCBG
  • Black Skinny Jeans by Zara
  • Leopard flats by BCBG
  • Chain crossbody bag by Gianfranco Ferre
  • Pink Sunglasses by Celine
Street style LFW Sept 2014. Pic by us.

Street style LFW Sept 2014. Pic by us.

Anna Wintour is watching us! Soaking up the atmosphere at Somerset House.

Anna Wintour is watching us! Soaking up the atmosphere at Somerset House.


Love the colour coordination of the plum top and hat.



Posted on March 14, 2015

Saint Laurent’s Dolly Block Heels

Featured/ Romantique/ Shoes/ Wardrobe

Saint Laurent Babies Mary Jane

Somehow, we’ll always be children at heart,  refusing to grow up. Yves Saint Laurent seem to have picked up this notion with their “Babies 40” Glitter Mary Janes.  Resembling something that Alice might wear in Wonderland, this mid-height chunky heel is the perfect party shoe minus the foot ache. The flattering straps conjure the slimmest of ankles.

If you don’t have the budget for Saint Laurent, look  for a great Doppelgaenger at  Zara or Asos. My bronze coloured Dolly Mary Jane’s are from Max & Co, my go-to shop for Italian quality at an affordable price.

SAint Laurent Babies Mary Janes street style Notting Hill

Street style in Notting Hill. I’m wearing:

Why not style the whimsical shoes with a sugar coated pink coat and go out all girly?

  • Pink coat by Max and Co
  • Bronze striped dress by Max and Co
  • Mary Janes by Max and Co
  • Chained crossbody bag by Gianfranco Ferre

Street Style London pink coat

Max and Co bronze Mary Janes Dolly block heels

Street style Notting Hill pink coat mary janes

Posted on March 10, 2015

Top 5 Beach Restaurants in Sydney

Australia/ Featured/ Travel

Boat House Sydney Vichy Gingham dress

Sydney is a gourmet’s delight, thanks to its fresh produce and seafood plucked straight from the ocean. There is no finer cuisine while imbibing the breathtaking ocean views, and enjoying the mesmerising sound of the waves and holiday atmosphere.

Here are my Top 5 beach-side restaurants in Sydney:

Hugos Manly Sydney Australia beach restaurant 5. Hugos

Hugos is a waterfront restaurant located at Manly’s wharf, treating patrons with its unfettered view of the harbour beach and incoming ferries. Known for the best pizza in Australia (!!!!), Hugos never disappoints. My favourites are the fig & gorgonzola pizza and the watermelon cocktail.

Table for two at the Pantry, overlooking Manly beach

Table for two at the Pantry, overlooking Manly beach

4. The Pantry

You cannot get closer to the ocean than sitting at a table at the Pantry, overlooking Manly beach. The distressed beachy interior design adds to the rustic fisherman flair. Must-eats are the creamy oysters and the grilled lemon sole with almond crust. To die for!

My recommendation at the Pantry: Grilled Whole Lemon Sole Almondine w/ almonds & brown butter

My recommendation at the Pantry: Grilled Whole Lemon Sole Almondine w/ almonds & brown butter

3. The Dunes Kiosk, Palm Beach

Palm beach is about an hour away from Sydney’s centre, a real holiday getaway. It’s no surprise that Aussie celebrities and millionaires choose this picture-perfect peninsula as their base. “Palmy” is classy but not snooty, and cute beach-side cafe “The Dunes” represents that relaxed flair beautifully. Right near the ocean (no views, but you can smell and hear the sea), the cafe charms with the unique blue and white striped “Strandkörbe”. These German beach wicker chairs usually reside at the Baltic Sea, yet look just as fitting down at the other end of the world.

Foodwise, try their battered fish or – if you’re calorie conscious – their healthy delicious salds.

The Dunes Kiosk Sydney Australia Palm Beach

Sitting comfortably in my “Strandkorb” at Dunes


2. Barrenjoey House, Palm Beach

A landmark at Palmy with beautiful views to the riverside of the peninsula, this is an absolute gem. The lovely beachy decor calls for a bucket of cold prawns (highly recommended) or grilled flathead on chips.

Barrenjoey House, Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia

Shabby Beach Chic at Barrenjoey


1. The Boathouse, Palm Beach

My all-time favourite restaurant is The Boathouse, a magical place, residing on stilts, literally above the water. I wish I could copy and paste the decor of the restaurant into my own flat – romantic shabby Hampton chic at its best! Watch the waterplanes land right in front of you whilst tucking into a steak sandwhich.  Whilst the food is decent, I prefer the cuisine at Barrenjoey House. However, for location and flair alone, the boathouse is unbeatable.

The Boat House Palm Beach Sydney Australia

Mr Romantique chilling at the pier of the boathouse

The Boat House Palm Beach Sydney Australia

Posted on March 1, 2015

Best Street Style of LFW 2015

Beauty/ Coats/ London/ Romantique/ Skirts


LFW 2015 blue mirrored ray bans and pink lipstick

Oh London, you are beautiful, ugly, classy, tacky, hot, cold, conservative and crazy, all of this embodied in the audience visiting London Fashion Week. For me, the trotting around the shows is the real magnet to come to LFW: To be inspired, to soak up the creativity and to meet new interesting people. Enjoy my pictures taken of best and worst of LFW Street style.

Above: Mirrored blue aviator Ray Ban: Check. Heavily pigmented pink lipstick: Check. Must-have furry coat: Check. Effortless cool. I could never wear this combo but this stylish creative pulls it off to perfection.

LFW 2015 Street style head mask Wow, she has attitude. I love her expression while I’m pondering if the head mask it the new trend for 2015.

Street style LFW 2015 blue coat, hat, flats

I adore this look in all it’s simplicity: Snakeskin printed loafers, cream trousers, baby blue winter coat.

LFW Street Style 2015 pleated leather skirt, blue Nike LFW in February is freezing so getting a break from the chill  is essential to recharge batteries. The blue Nike trainers lend the black leather pleated skirt and the thick woolen tights some edge, while the silver puffer jacket keeps this Fashion-week-goer toasty.


LFW 2015 Street style blue Cos skirt

This skirt length is so difficult to pull off as it makes most people (including me!) look small and disproportionate. However this fashionista nailed it! Pointy heels elongate the leg and the ankle straps emphasise skinny ankles. Love the blue A-line skirt from COS.



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