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Posted on November 11, 2013

Berlin Streetstyle: The Printed 60s Statement Coat

Berlin/ Coats/ Romantique/ Wardrobe
I am wearing: Gingham / Vichy coat from Max & Co, red bag from Picard, jeans from Stefanel, moccasins from AGL.

I am wearing: Gingham / Vichy coat from Max & Co, red bag from Picard, jeans from Stefanel, moccasins from AGL.

The Coat is the most important piece of the winter wardrobe (and one of the reasons it’s been featured heavily on our blog this season .

After all, the coat is the first item that people see of us – if the coat is cheap and scruffy, no one is interested in what you wear underneath. A good quality coat, just like the  handbag, is an investment well worth the money.

This year, I decided to treat myself to a quirky 60s print coat in a straight cut. The deep rich purple colour with the playful red dots / gingham checks are a breath of fresh air compared to the classic, black coats I own mostly. While I enjoy the simplicity of a well tailored, black coat,  I do sometimes long for a brighter coloured, cute take of the winter basic.

Rebel photographed me in Berlin at the famous Oberbaumbruecke at the trendy Berlin area of Kreuzberg.


Never compromise on quality when shopping for a coat.

Never compromise on quality when shopping for a coat.

Berlin Street sttyle MaxandCo coat2

The Oberbaumbruecke in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Hipster Haven Kreuzberg has rich cultural flair as many Turkish immigrants call Kreuzberg home.

Posted on November 10, 2013

Get Saint Laurent’s Winter Grunge Look

Blazer / Jackets/ Rebel Alexa/ Shirts/ Wardrobe

Winter-checkmate-street-style (3)

Checkmate coats, jackets, shirts or pants are everywhere you look this season, from grunge-tastic, tartans, to gingham checks – I absolutely love them! Going along with the nineties revival and in particular grunge style, I am definitely feeling a checked shirt and checked  jacket could be on the fashion cards. I’m thinking bold check style, most likely an oversized option, layered over skinnies, with just a hint of Nirvana.

California grunge, was the inspiration for Hedi Slimane’s second women’s collection fall 2013 for Saint Laurent, the biggest shock for all fashion journalists! Creative director Hedi Slimane sent a valentine to the women of ‘90s indie rock, most especially Courtney Love – sparkly dresses, combat boots, plaid flannels, moody florals, dark eye make-up, oversized sweaters, and undone hair were all present on the runway, making Saint Laurent the grunge princess’ new favorite go-to brand. This grunge trend is not limited to the Saint Laurent catwalk; we’re seeing heavy nods to the nineties everywhere.

Yves Saint Laurent-Actual

On me: Jacket by Cerruti, Skinny jeans by Blessed & Cursed, shirt and heels from TK Maxx, Glasses by Stella McCartney

Winter-checkmate-street-style (2)


Posted on November 8, 2013

The mystery of Diane Kruger’s Street Style



Diane Kruger is beautiful and awesome and all that but what’s the mystery of Diane Kruger’s Street Style? She is German and has the infamous sense of style of French women. Like French women, she mastered the art of dressing as if she does not care about fashion at all! Diane Kruger’s fashion secrets are nothing more than the fashion rules of French women. And these are:

1.) French women are effortless,  they go for clashes, combine a feminine dress with a parka, jeans with a tuxedo blazer or a mini with biker boots.

2.) For French women, less is more, they are wearing less makeup and have perfectly mastered the art of the nude looks. They do not wear big hairstyles, but let they hair down, parted in the middle to fall over their shoulder.

3.)  French women do not serve stereotypes, with short skirts, big hair and plunging necklines.

4.) Instead, french women play with androgyny, wearing men’s trousers paired with kick ass heels without betraying the whole emancipation.

Diane-Kruger-Street-Style (5)




Posted on November 8, 2013

Classic Hollywood Stars, who danced ballet?

Rebel Alexa


In the context of ballet and moviestars we remembering on unforgettable Audrey Hepburn.


Marilyn Monroe also exercised  the graceful body tension of the ballet.


Without question, Brigitte Bardot had advanced ballet skills.


Natalie Wood came from a Russian dancer Family, her mother, Maria Zakharenko, was a ballet dancer at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.


Ups, that’s funny – James Dean at the Ballet Barre and Liz Taylor behind him.


And finally myself, not a moviestar but a a former ballet dancer as well.

Posted on November 6, 2013

Fashion Sisters: Who wore it better? The Checkmate Coat

Blazer / Jackets/ Wardrobe

Rebel checked coat Max & Co

Statement checkered coats are hot this autumn. Stella McCartney’s AW2013 checked coats have been seen up and down the catwalks and fashion blogosphere. The trend is a great excuse for another battle of the fashion sisters.

Who wore it better? The checked wool overcoat in gorgeous autumnal colours and three-quarter-length kimono sleeves from Max & Co. I loved the coat colours, , the detailed sleeves and the half belt in the back (but there are only so many coats a girl can have) ! Rebel felt right at home in this beautiful piece too. The colours complemented her type perfectly, not to mention the nougat coloured penny loafers.

I'm wearing Stefanel jeans and Rouge Bunny rouge ballet flats with the checked coat.

I’m wearing Stefanel jeans and Rouge Bunny rouge ballet flats with the checked coat.

I can’t remember a season when we had such an abundance of bold  patterned and beautifully crafted coats in such a variety of shapes.

Coat max and co

Stella McCartney's checked coat aw2013

Stella McCartney’s checked coat aw2013

Prada black and pink checked coat AW2013

Prada black and pink checked coat AW2013


Posted on November 3, 2013

What men think about Pamela Anderson’s Pixi Hairstyle

Rebel Alexa


I never thought I would say this about Pamela, but she looks freaking amazing. The new pixi haircut really looks good on her, and I dig the skirt and bag!

Makes me want to cut mine all off again…only I have more wrinkles than Pam…and am not so skinny anymore…boohoo…she looks amazing though!!


What do men think about Pamela Anderson’s new Pixi hairstyle?
I asked my boyfriend and he said:
“I think she looks younger! The big wavy hairdo is very dated – she’s so much prettier without all the hair, makeup and skin.”

+++ Blog Update from Romantique +++


Naturally,  I was itching to ask Mr Romantique for his opinion on Pammy’s new hairstyle. It’s quite interesting as it’s quite the opposite of Mr Rebel:


“I liked the long, big hair better. She looks masculine and old now.”


Aha! Maybe we can explain this difference in opinion with the fact that Mr Romantique is quite the traditionalist: He likes women to be feminine, wearing skirts with long flowing hair. Mr Rebel is quite at ease with strong bold women not afraid to show their personality with a drastic haircut!


A very sophisticated look! Well done Pamela! LOVE IT!

Posted on November 1, 2013

Fashion Sisters: Swapping Style

Coats/ Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Zebra print denim and red gingham coat

Romantique and Rebel – that’s us, sisters with different styles.

Rebel’s signature look is  minimalistic and boyish. Her go-to pieces are biker jackets, high heels, skinny jeans, pop colours, bold pattern and Joan Crawford movies.

Romantique lives for cats, pastel colours, vichy gingham pattern, skirts, ballerinas and ruffled blouses.

So what happens when we swap roles for the day? This is exactly what we wanted to find out when we met in Berlin last week.

I styled Rebel in a red butter-wouldn’t-melt vichy gingham coat straight out of Grimm’s fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, from Max & Co. Completing the outfit is a romantic straw bag from Le Voyage en Panier, pointy flats from AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni, powder blue shirt from Geox and black denim from J Brand. A true Romantique outfit, don’t you think?

Red Gingham Coat from Max & Co

Red Gingham Coat from Max & Co. Black Denim J Brand.  Sunnies from Celine.


Rebel took me out of my comfort zone by styling me much more boldly  than my usual:  I am wearing graphic skinny jeans in zebra print from H&M, metallic sweater from Set, black ballet pumps from Rouge Bunny Rouge and red cross body bag from Picard.

Zebra print denim HandM, metallic jumper s

Zebra print jeans from H & M. Jumper by Set. Ballet pumps from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

I felt quite empowered in this unusual outfit! This  little foray into Rebel territory opened my mind to new fashion horizons. I think I might be dipping my toe back into this pool, stay tuned!

Little Birkin-esque bag from Picard. Wayfarer sunnies from Ray Ban.

Little Birkin-esque bag from Picard. Wayfarer sunnies from Ray Ban.

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