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Posted on October 31, 2013

The 6 Top Fashion Trends 2013 presented by Madonna

Rebel Alexa

Madonna was my teenage idol in the 80’s, I had posters of her on the wall in my room and I practiced for hours with a tape recorder her dance steps and poses. In the 80s, Madonna had a good fashion and trend instinct that is up to date again today. Everything comes back in fashion in new interpretations. Look the current  6 top fashion trends 2013, we all know from magazines, blogs and retailers prestented by Madonna from her 80’s era.


Fashion-Trends-Madonna (3)

1. Pattern Mix

Fashion-Trends-Madonna 2. Breton Shirt

Fashion-Trends-Madonna (4)

3. Animal Print

Fashion-Trends-Madonna (2)

4. Denim


5. Statement jewelry & Ray Ban Wayfarer

Fashion-Trends-Madonna (5)

6. Graphics

Posted on October 30, 2013

Fashion Sisters: Who wore it better? The royal blue Mohair Coat

Coats/ Romantique


Rebel is wearing: Orange jumper from JCrew. Penny Loafer from Allen Edmonds. Jeans from Gap. Statement necklace bought in Cape Town

Rebel is wearing: Orange jumper from JCrew. Penny Loafer from Allen Edmonds. Jeans from Gap. Statement necklace bought in Cape Town

On our recent trip to Berlin, Rebel and I visited my favourite Italian shop, Max & Co, to look for trendy and colourful winter coats. It’s always been difficult to buy winter coats in other colours than bland black, grey and beige. This year, the choice of winter coats in bold hues has been a joy!

In Berlin, we discovered a beautiful coloured and soft Mohair winter coat. The colour, a mid, royal blue is a beautiful example of how the right colour really can make your complexion glow. Against Rebel’s dark hair and the bright orange jumper, this coat was a breath of fresh air. The classic, timeless cut paired with the flattering colour is a win!

Who do you think wore it better? Rebel with her pop coloured JCrew jumper, statement necklace and penny loafers or Romantique, paired with Jeans, Ray Bans and the obligatory Ballerinas?

  Romantique is earing Jeans from Stefanel and black Ballet shoes with pink piping from Rouge Bunny Rouge.

  Blue Mohair Classic Coat Max & Co



Posted on October 29, 2013

The Berlin Fashion Style

Berlin/ Movie & Books/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe


Romantique and I were born in Berlin, we are real girls from Berlin just like John F. Kennedy once said “Ich bin ein Berliner”. Last weekend, we  browsed through the book stores and found the coffee table book “Der Berliner Stil” by Angelika Taschen. It’s not a must read book for anyone who is a Berliner already. For everyone else, the book is a treasure trove in terms of tips for hip restaurants and shopping destinations.


According to the book,  Berlin style is influenced by the international fashion scene, fashion bloggers or wannabe locals and tourists – also called the “Berlin-Mitte” style. Berlin is too big and versatile than just to promote only one style of one district. It would have been interesting to look into other districts: e.g. how the women dress in Berlin-Zehlendorf namely, which is more like in Hamburg. The Hamburg style is more on the conservative side: Think lots of navy blue, blazers with gold buttons, high quality designer basics, no experiments and fashion victims!


 I’m a girl born in Berlin, a rebel at heart, who loves Burberry trench coats. Here you can see see my authentic Berlin fashion style: zebra pants by H&M, blue Converse, Trench coat, Ray Ban Wayfarer.


Glasses by Stella Mccartney

Posted on October 29, 2013

Demi Moore’s Fashion Eyewear

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa


 Demi knows how to step out in style — especially when it comes to Glasses!

I have to confess I’m in love with Demi Moore’s black glasses. She has a perfect face to wear glasses.

She always wears only black, no brown or horn. And I noticed her eyebrows are visible and are not covered by the eyeglass frame. It just looks fantastic on her.




Posted on October 24, 2013

What to wear to the Gym?

Rebel Alexa


What to wear to the gym? What gym outfit works best with your bodyshape? Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you should lose your fashion sense and it’s important to feel good when you start a new training. Do you find also that, the whole sports clothes made of high tech materials are all practical and useful but no one looks good in stuff from Nike or whomever.

How about this, let’s imitate Marilyn Monoroe’s gym look because it’s simple, sexy and unique. You need just two uncomplicated pieces from your wardrobe:


A LEVIS Boyfriend cut to roll up and a Bra made of terry. Trainers or something similar you don’t need because you simply go casually barefoot. What a about hair and make up? You should wearing red carpet hair and make-up feeling and I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressive powerful in the gym and no other woman has the same style.


Let’s start with the training!

Posted on October 23, 2013

Peter Pan Collar Dress

Dresses/ Romantique/ Wardrobe
Peter Pan Collar Dress Max Co
The Peter Pan Collar is the ultimate accessory for every Romantique out there. Here are our Top 5 reasons why the Peter Pan collar is the ultimate style staple:


  1. The crip white collar always makes you look pulled together
  2. Versatility: Style it romantic, relaxed, sexy, elegant or like a rockstar
  3.  It pairs with every item in our wardrobe: From jumper to dress to leather jacket to coat
  4. The Peter Pan collar is now available on it’s own to be attached to an outfit for upgrading our existing
  5. Choose a sparkly / bejewelled Peter pan collar and be ready for a night out. No jewellery required.

Above: I am wearing: Bordeaux coloured wool dress with silk Peter Pan Collar from Max & Co AW2013

Alexa Chung Peter Pan Collar

Alexa Chung in her signature Peter Pan collar. We bow to the stunning Londoner for initiating this trend!
Nougat coloured leather jacket from Massimo Dutti. Oxford Lace-ups from AGL Attilio Giusi Leombruni

Nougat coloured leather jacket from Massimo Dutti. Oxford Lace-ups from AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni

Woven leather bag from Falorni.

Woven leather bag from Falorni.Wayfarer sunglasses from Ray Ban.


Brigitte Bardot in a wine coloured dress with crisp white collar.

Brigitte Bardot in a wine coloured dress with crisp white collar.

Vichy checked detachable collar and pearl collar. Peter Pan mock shirt from COS.

Vichy checked detachable Peter Pan collar and pearl collar. Peter Pan mock shirt from COS.










Posted on October 23, 2013

Too old to be wearing Converse Chucks?

Rebel Alexa/ Shoes


All year round, 365 days a year, I love wearing my white and blue Converse with skinny jeans, Céline pants, Chinos – all types of pants but not to skirts. Again and again I read that people beyond their forty years are not so well advised to wear Chucks. So, am I too old to wear Converse??


I think it’s hard to give categorical style recommendations for certain age groups. Of course it needs a sense of proportion and a bit of skill in styling. If it’s there, then I can well imagine Chucks on a 85 year old woman. For me, Converse are the only shoes that are completely ageless, wearable from kids to grandma. I am sure that I will put on my Converse Chucks the next 20 years and then I will be 62 year old!
Posted on October 19, 2013

Winter staple: The Knit Dress

Dresses/ Romantique
geometric knit dress with red bow

Knitted dress from TK Max. Grey slip on shoes from AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni. Heart umbrella from Moschino. Black woven leather handbag from Falorni.


Comfy, easy and stylish – the new generation knitted dress is an effortless weekend staple.

When you don’t have time in the mornings, a soft wool knitted dress is easier to pull on than a crisp white blouse but looks just as polished.

How we like to wear it:

  • Above: When the wind is blowing cold, wear it with tights and flats and you’re good to go. My red tights (Falke matt 50 in “lipstick”) pick up the red bow of my graphic woolen knitted dress with turtle neck from TK Maxx.
  • Below: Wear your knitted dress with a belt to add shape like Rebel. Ankle boots in contrasting colours for a chic winter look.  Navy blue, pleated knit dress from Stefanel.
  • Wear your knit dress with knee high boots like Angelina Jolie below.
Rebel is wearing a pleated knit dress from Stefanel

Rebel is wearing a pleated knit dress from Stefanel

Angelina Jolie wearing a navy cable knit dress from italian label Loro Piana

Angelina Jolie wearing a navy cable knit dress from italian label Loro Piana

Geometric wool dress TK Maxx

Posted on October 16, 2013

My Berry Bridal Bouquet

Romantique/ Wedding


  Dress "Roseblom" from Jcrew, shoes from Marc Jacbos.

You never know where you pick up inspiration for your wedding. For my own bridal bouqet,  I was inspired by a flower bouquet R&R mum bought at Dresden last winter. She sent me a photo of the whimsical bouquet which contained dark winter berries and the idea was born!

A huge thank you to my Berlin Florist “Gruene Ecke” who made this beautiful bouqet just like I imagined it to be and even better!

My brief for the wedding flowers was short and sweet:

–          Different colours, including pink (naturally)

–          The bouquet should exude a “just picked off the field” style, not too stiff and put together

–          Include berries and fruit into the bouquet

I was told this type of bouqet is called an “Open Biedermeier”. You can see the beautiful result here. Mr Romantique carried a matching flower and berry pin for his suit and all the female guests wore a small bouqets too.  This was the lovely idea of the florist and made everyone feel more involved and part of the day.

Bridal Berry Bouquet blackberries

My Wedding Bouquet consits of red and pink roses, unripe, green blackberries, sea buckthorn and long grass to give it a whimsical, playful twist


Blackberry Bridal Bouqet

Berry Bridal Bouquet Berry Bridal bouquet and Jcrew dress

Posted on October 15, 2013

Dress Advice from Marlene Dietrich


Marlène Dietrich. 1956 à l'hotel de Paris.

Dress (On a budget) Here are some basic rules:


“Don’t ever follow the latest trend, because in a short time you will look ridiculous.


Don’t buy green, red or any other flamboyant-colour dress.


A small wardrobe must consist of outfits that you can wear again and again. Therefore, black, navy blue and grey are your favorite colours.


Don’t buy separates. Don’t believe the sales talk that you can have five dresses for the price of one.


And don’t buy cheap materials, no matter how attractive the dress looks to you. Don’t say you can’t afford a dress made of expensive materials. Save up for it.


If you have one good suit, preferably grey (navy gets shiny), two black dresses, a black wool skirt, a couple of black and grey sweaters, you’ll be well dressed most of the year until summer, when you’ll wear simple cotton dresses.

Another suggestion, don’t send your clothes to the cleaner’s all the time. Spot-clean and press them yourself. It’s worth it because they last longer.


And while you’re saving up for that good black dress, on your next date wear a black sweater and skirt.


Nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t ruin the elegance of the outfit by overemphasis of the bosom.”


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