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Posted on September 30, 2013

Oktoberfest Dirndl Street style in London

Current Affairs/ Dresses/ Romantique

It’s that time of the year again when the South of Germany celebrates the Oktoberfest, an outdoor Beer Garden Festival copied all over the world, from Brazil to Australia. The traditional Oktoberfest Dress, the Dirndl, is worn in the South of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy (South Tyrol). As an authentic Berliner,  I love wearing the Dirndl in London as a funny novelty. After all, the nipped in waist, flared skirt and fitted bodice of the Dirndl is hugely flattering to every figure.

In London, restaurants and clubs such as “Bodo’s Schloss” and the “Tiroler Hut” are ideal playgrounds to wear Dirndls while tucking into a hearty meal.

Dirndls can be expensive and cost up to 1,000 EUR, as they are typically crafted from rich fabrics and hand made prints.  It can be difficult to find them at more affordable prices, however if you’re lucky enough to be in Germany, TK Maxx sells Dirndls every year around this time. H&M in Munich also offers a variety of low priced Dirndls.

I am wearing a TK Maxx Dirndl, Falke “Wiesn” knee highs, gingham kittenheels from Marc Jacobs. Straw bag from Misako. Gingerbread heart necklace from Thomas Sabo.  What to wear with a Dirndl? Cooky cute jewellery from French Designer Les Lereides of course! Gingerbread man ring and Haensel and Gretel charm bracelet perfectly match the Germanic theme.

Straw Bag from Misako, Haensel and Gretel Charm Bracelet and gingerbread ring man from Les Nereides.

Straw Bag from Misako, Haensel and Gretel Charm Bracelet and gingerbread ring man from Les Nereides.

Dirndl Street Style



Posted on September 29, 2013

Our Berlin Wedding

Berlin/ Current Affairs/ Dresses/ Romantique/ Wedding

Every girl dreams of her wedding day; being a beautiful princess, marrying the man of her dreams.

When Mr Romantique and I got engaged 10 months ago, we always knew that we wanted a small, intimate wedding, attended only by  immediate family.  And so it was; a small wonderful wedding of 15, in the heart of my home city Berlin, almost a month ago.The wedding venue Ermelerhaus, a historic, roccoco Patrician villa, is located just next door to the Australian Embassy. If this isn’t  fate I don’t know what is!On the day, everything fell into place magically and I could not have been happier with the decor,  flowers, cake,  and weather.  To illustrate the union of a German gal with an Aussie boy, we decorated the car with a German/ Australian flag adorned with small little flowers. The gingerbread hearts had the names of the guests written in icing and served as place mats and decor. Thanks to Rebel, we incorporated the cute German wedding tradition of cutting a heart out of a bed sheet with nail scissors.

I always thought its a bit cheesy when people say that the wedding day is “the most beautiful day of your life”. Now I can say, it really is incredible. Promising to stay with your love forever, through good times and bad, witnessed  by loving family who have travelled from near and very far. A perfect day just like I always dreamed.

What I wore: Wedding dress from Jcrew ‘Roseblooom adorned with fabric roses. I had the dress shortened from tea length to knee length to make it look more 50s Audrey Hepburn like. Kittenheeled shoes with gingham vichy checks from Marc Jacobs. Lilly of the valley earrings from Les Nereides. Sunglasses from Celine.
Photographer: A special thanks to Melanie from who perfectly caught the magic moments of our day. If you ever need a photographer for an occasion in Berlin, this is the lady!
romantique wedding reichstag

The Berlin Dome in the background.

The Berlin Dome in the background.

J Crew Dress and Marc Jacobs Shoes

J Crew Dress and Marc Jacobs Shoes

Romantique wedding berlin

romantique wedding

Posted on September 28, 2013

How to wear wardrobe essentials?

Coats/ Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe


We all read about them in every fashion magazine or fashionblog– the key pieces that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Does your wardrobe have the essentials? I relate it to sweets – we know they are unhealthy as uber-stylish pieces and vitamins as basics are very good for us. I guess that most have more sweets than vitamins in the wardrobe. The older I get the most I’ve come to respect and appreciate good old wardrobe essentials.

Here is my list of essentials and according to the list it took only 5 minutes to dress me up in the morning.

1.) black skinny jeans

2.) grey turtleneck

3.) Burberry Trenchcoat

4.) blue Converse high top

How-to-wear-Fashion-basics - Kopie


Posted on September 27, 2013

How to wear a white Blazer

Blazer / Jackets/ Rebel Alexa

Looking effortless takes a lot of effort? Sometimes but not, today. The white blazer – this is just one of my easiest looks to wear. Take a breton shirt, a classic denim pants and bright shoes.


My look is almost all by H&M – Blazer, Shirt, Shoes by H&M but the denim by J Brand and Sunglasses by Lanvin.


Posted on September 25, 2013

Think penny loafers are an old-fashioned prep school look?

Rebel Alexa/ Shoes


Prep school students in the 1950s decided to insert a penny into the diamond shaped slit, the name “penny loafers” stuck and the hand-sewn slip on with the ivy league heritage became ubiquitous for collegiate cool. But in these days “penny loafers” are no longer the domain of sockless Italians or Wall Street boys as Gordon Gekko wannabes from the 80’s.


The autumn begins, now is a perfect time to wear my Alden Penny Loafers. In order to look sleek and modern with penny loafers I always wear the shoes with denim and sockless. Never with a suit because that’s too conservative.

Vassar college-penny-loafer

Vassar College Girls in Penny Loafers


Girls from the 40’s – white socks in Penny Loafer… Michael Jackson say “hello”


Bardot and the 70’s Gucci Loafer

Posted on September 24, 2013

Romantic Wedding Flower Crown

Accessoires/ Beauty/ Romantique/ Wedding
Floral headpiece made at florist in Berlin. Lilly of the valley earrings from Les Nereides.

My floral headpiece made at a Tempelhof florist in Berlin. Lilly of the valley earrings from Les Nereides.


3 weeks ago, on 31st August, Tatiana Santo Domingo married Grace Kelly’s grandson, Andrea Casiraghi, in Monaco. Just 5 days before I married Mr Romantique in Berlin! While Tatiana opted for a boho wedding dress from Missoni complete with flower power head piece, I went for the Audrey Hepburn 50s look. Vichy checked kitten heels and a flared tea length dress from Jcrew (Rosebloom).

Just like her, I decided to wear a flower crown to give my dress a romantic flair. To not make it look too boho, the delicate pink flowers were arranged on an alice band that I could easily pop into my hair.

floral headpieces wedding tatiana santo domingo

Tatiana’s wonderfully relaxed boho wedding guests wearing flower tiaras just like the bride!

Romantique floral head piece

A thick pleated hair streak completed the romantic look

This is how I got inspired to wear a floral head piece: By the lovely Alexa Chung

Floral crown inspiration from Alexa Chung

Audrey Hepburn marries Mel Ferrer in 1954 in a Balmain dress and floral tiara

Audrey Hepburn marries Mel Ferrer in 1954 in a Balmain dress and floral tiara

romantic flower crown

Bridal floral crown

Rosebloom tea length wedding dress from Jcrew

Rosebloom tea length wedding dress from Jcrew. Kitten heels from Marc Jacobs

Posted on September 22, 2013

German Elections 2013 – What to wear?

Current Affairs/ Rebel Alexa

Today, all eyes are on Germany because polls have opened in Germany’s parliamentary elections and will close at 8pm tonight.

62 million people are eligible to vote in the European Union’s largest country. It’s expected that Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats will win the largest share of the vote. It would be her third term as Chancellor.


However, what to wear on the election day? The Chancellor was wearing autumnal colors – black pants and a brown blazer.


As usual, Bavarians go to the polls in Lederhosen and Dirndl – OMG!


Today, I went to the polls in the morning and wore a Tomboy Jacket combined with plateau sandals and socks.


4 more years of colorful blazer combined with short necklaces?

Angela Merkel’s jackets: many colours but just one look. She has found a fashion formula she likes, and she’s sticking to it.

Posted on September 20, 2013

Gatti di Roma, The Cats of Rome

Current Affairs/ Italy/ Romantique/ Travel
A black feline soft paw chiling in the evening at Largo Argentina

A black feline soft paw chiling in the evenign at Largo Argentina


Rome is just an incredible city. Strolling through the heart of the city, every corner could be taken from a post card scene. From baroque churches to ancient archaeological sites; every building is a feast for the eyes.

Even more fascinating than the opulent buildings is the strong bond the ancient city has with cats. Yes, cats! During our trip, we stumbled upon a colony of 200 cats (!!) living at the ancient site of Torre Argentina, where Julius Cesar was once stabbed by Brutus. The cats live in a shelter which is publicly protected. Italy is a no-kill nation, meaning no healthy stray cat is allowed to be put down. The cats of Rome, Gatti di Roma, are a well known tourist magnet and decorate lots of calendars you can buy around the city. All together more than 260,000 stray cats live in Rome in over 2,000 colonies. Rome’s city council even declared cats as part of the Roman bicultural heritage.

Largo Argentina Roma

Why do cats have such a special place in Roman culture? Apparently, it all dates back to the bubonic plague. The cat population in Italy kept the disease carrying rats in check, avoiding Italy’s population to succumb to the disease, unlike the rest of Europe. When the Italian Catholic church started to chase and hunt down cats in the 1300s, there were not enough cats anymore to chase rats and disease spread rapidly across the country.

Largo Agentina Rome

Today, organised volunteers and the neighbourhood “gattare”(=cat ladies who feed cats) look after Rome’s felines. The most famous gattare was Italian movie star Anna Magnani, known for feeding the stray cats of Trastevere with pots of pasta.

Anna Magnani with one of her cats

Anna Magnani with one of her cats


So on your next trip to Rome, look out for the cats of Torre Argentina, the Colosseum and the garden of Trajan. Beautiful animals majestically perching on marble columns, looming over Italy’s ancient cultural treasures. What a sight!

Gatti di Roma Largo Argentina




Posted on September 17, 2013

Roma Street Style

Denim/ Dresses/ Romantique/ Skirts/ Travel/ Wardrobe

Street style rome

Italy is a country in which police uniforms are designed by Giorgio Armani and “La Bella Figura” is a way of life. Looking good and having an eye for aesthetics is a national obsession in Italy. Walking down the street of Rome during our honeymoon, I enjoyed the elegant, expressive and sensual way Italians dress. In my opinion, the most stylish people of Europe! The German way of dressing is too practical, the English too eccentric and try-hard and the French can be too made-up at times. Italian style is the perfect balance between casual nonchalance and elegance.

Above picture: “Discretion is the opposite of vulgarity” – Giorgio Armani.  This stylish Roman lady does effortless chic in simple grey trousers, black shirt, jewelled ballet flats and a timeless Kelly Tote bag, cycling near Corso d’Italia.

Street Style Rome Maxi SKirt and Breton Stripes

Whilst  in Rome, I mostly looked dishevelled and exhausted from heat. Not so this trendy Roman: She oozes relaxed elegance in a nude coloured Maxi skirt and casual, off-the-shoulder Breton shirt while chilling near Piazza Navona. Viva Italia!

Rome Street Style monochrome stripes Dolce and Gabbana

Monochrome, block stripes were a big hit this summer at Dolce & Gabbana. This lady nailed the look with her horizontally striped top combined with a vertically striped puffy skirt and sandal wedges. Bellisima!

Street Style Rome on Vespa

The young fashion pack triumphs in red coloured skinny jeans, Cool Britannia helmet and sporty Nikes.

Street Style rome Trastevere

Rome Street Style in Trastevere

The lady in the green could be a flower child from the 70s with her turqoise rings, headband and long artisan earrings and necklace.


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