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Posted on August 14, 2013

Y by Yves Saint Laurent is a classic example of timeless perfumery

Beauty/ Rebel


“Grandma”, “Old Lady” – I’m so tired about such references. Scents definately belong to certain time periods, representing the current style and can smell “dated”, no doubt about it. But a good perfume is timeless and “Y” is exactly that!

Y is a classic example of timeless perfumery from 1964 – green, aldehydic,mossy, animalic, a chypre in all its glory. And if your grandma smells like this, God Bless her, she has excellent taste!


Y starts as a slightly heavy oakmoss chypre (just like Chanel No 19 actually) but brightens quickly to an enchanting green floral heart. It literally blooms on your skin, truly breathtaking in it’s beauty. You either like it or you don’t, you’ll either wear it or you won’t.


Y makes me think of an intellectual yet coquettish Parisian lady of the mid 1960s on a rainy evening, impeccably dressed in Yves Saint Laurent, dining gracefully at Maxim’s effortlessly engaging in conversations about politics, art and literature dazzling her male companions with both her looks and personality. For me, Y fits both the costume with high heels, a suit with brogues, to skinny jeans by J brand with Converse, as well as with chinos and Chelsea boots – Chapeau Monsieur Saint Laurent!

Posted on August 12, 2013

Romantique’s Wedding Count Down

Decor/ Romantique
Romantique wedding invites

Our wedding invites were supposed to reflect the scale of our wedding: Small, intimate, a bit quirky and full of love! To make these, I created a collage with the iphone app piccollage and had them printed on A5 photo paper.


My wedding is now just 3 weeks away and I’m beyond excited!

We are planning an intimate, civil ceremony with just 12 guests, all family, in a baroque roccoco venue in the heart of Berlin.

Even for a small wedding, things like a wedding cake, table decorations, bouquets, hair and makeup need to be organised.

The Flowers:

For the flower decorations, I was inspired by Margarita Missonis romantic wedding: Her bridal bouquet consisted of pastel coloured flowers mixed in with long grasses to give it a lose, just plucked-from-the field flair. I found an excellent florist in Berlin (Die Grüne Ecke) who makes the most beautiful bouquets (see below). For my wedding, the florist will mix pastel coloured florals and berries in what is called the “open Biedermeier” bouquet. A loose, romantic Missoni style bouquet. Not too stiff and protocol -y.

flowers romantique wedding
As a special touch, I arranged for mini-bouquets to be made up in green&white for the ladies of the wedding to make them feel more part of the event. Not to be forgotten, the men will wear traditional flower pins on their suits.

I loved the pictures of Margherita Missoni's uncoventional and cute wedding

I loved the pictures of Margherita Missoni’s uncoventional wedding. Her wedding bouquet is an open Biedermeier.

The Dress! (and accessories)

I don’t want to share my wedding dress here before Mr Romantique has seen it. However, I can reveal that its a beautiful, romantic dress in which flowers will play a part, just like in Margerita Missoni’s wedding dress. I bought mine from the J Crew bridal collection SS2013.  It also happens to go with the actual room in which we will get married. It’s called the “Rose Room” with the ceiling covered in hand painted roses.

What I can reveal about my hair on the day is that it will be crowned by flowers of the season. I got inspired by Kirsten Dunst, Alexa Chung and Audrey Hepburn

What I can reveal about my hair on the day is that it will be crowned by flowers of the season. I got inspired by Kirsten Dunst, Alexa Chung and Audrey Hepburn

Under the dress….

Something old, new borrowed and blue: The blue part is discreet as part of this understated garter from Fauve: I love the subtle, matching colours and the romantic ruffles.
Underwear is a crucial part of the wedding dress: You want the bra to sit perfectly, without it pinching and moving under your wedding dress. For the occasion, mummy R&R and I visited a proper lingerie store that stocks brands such as Aubade, Marie-Jo, Primadonna and Freya. I almost felt embarassed, having never been fitted for lingerie by a stranger before! My wedding underwear from Marie-Jo sits securely and looks and feels special, to match the occasion.

romantique garter

Table decorations:

I love gingerbread hearts: They are a quintessential German, they look pretty and they are sweet! For my wedding, they will act as place cards with  each guest name written on there  in sugar coating. Thanks to the Bio Ufa bakery in Berlin for customising the hearts for me!

gingerbread name cards wedding

The cutest wedding place cards

The cake:

For our intimate wedding, a conventional, multi-tiered wedding cake  wouldn’t be appropriate. I decided on a one tier heart-shaped cake topped with berries of the season and decorated with an iced edging to pick up on the gingerbread theme.  The cake will then be devoured on a cruise through historic Berlin.

Wedding cake one tier with berries of the season

Watch this space, I can’t wait to share the pictures of our special day.  Coming soon to a wildy popular fashion blog near you!
Boats Tour wedding berlin
Posted on August 10, 2013

Varsity Jacket of the South Africa National Rugby Union Team

Rebel/ South Africa/ Travel


If you’ve been keeping up with street style, then you already know: the varsity jacket is shaping up to be the season’s topper of choice. Athletic looks are dominating fashion magazines, runways and blogs overall. From baseball caps to letterman jackets and sneakers, it seems like we can’t get enough of the sport-luxe trend at the moment. Today, I’m wearing a vintage yellow-green varsity jacket by Canterburry of New Zealand hat I bought 3 years ago in Cape Town. The effect is a little nostalgic for me if I wearing the jacket of South Africa national rugby union team – known as the Springboks. I love South Africa and I have wonderful memories of my trip to Cape Town in 2010. It was a girls trip together with Romantique and one of the best vacation of my life.


Here are some photo impressions of our unforgettable Cape Town trip.






Posted on August 10, 2013

My 24/7 workhorse: The Denim Pencil Skirt

Romantique/ Skirts/ Wardrobe
the casual denim skirt outfit: Tommy Hilfiger Pencil Denim Skirt and Laduree Macaron Tshirt from Uniqlo

the casual denim skirt outfit: Tommy Hilfiger Pencil Denim Skirt and Laduree Macaron Tshirt from Uniqlo. Red shades from Versace

For some people the non plus ultra wardrobe basic is the denim jeans. For me, a staunch skirt and dress lover, it’s the pencil denim skirt. Reasons why:


  • The Denim Pencil is flattering for almost any figure, especially with a high waist and bum pockets
  • Like jeans, the various shades of blue fit with any and everything: From a casual breton shirt to a dressy satin blouse or lacy top. It goes with ballet flats and heels, wedges and kitten heels
  • Make your denim skirt work hard throughout the seasons, I wear mine from bitterly cold winter with thick woolen tights to humid hot summers with flip flops
  • My denim skirts are my trusty partners for all occasions, from holidays to parties to posh restaurants
Glamming up my trust Esprit short pencil denim skirt and a lacy top by Max & Co

Glamming up my trusty Esprit short pencil denim skirt and a lacy top by Max & Co. Mini Bag by Moschino, patent pointy flats from BCBG


Fellow German and Londoner Claudia Schiffer in an adorable combination of knee length Stella McCartney Denim skirt, tan coloured wedges and light blue blouse. Wunderbar!

Denim skirt and yellow ruffles

Yellow ruffles and dark blue denim, one of my favourite combinations. Pink sandals from Flipflop. I’m chilling in Sardinia on holiday in this picture from last year.

Denim doesn't have to be blue. This gelato pink denim skirt is the perfect holiday companion for the breton shirt

Denim doesn’t have to be blue. This gelato pink denim skirt is the perfect holiday companion for the breton shirt

Denim skirt and trench

Autumn denim pencil paired with silver capped Hispanita ballet pumps and Stefanel straight cut trench coat. Umbrella with hearts from Moschino. Matt gold aviator  sunglasses from Ray Ban.



Posted on August 7, 2013

Betsey Johnson Sunglasses and Fashion Quote

Accessoires/ Rebel


Betsey Johnson sunglasses are magic glasses for me because I take the glasses for myself to put me in a good mood on a bad days.

If I wearing my pink Betsey Johnson sunglasses my creativity starts to bloom – I get new ideas for cosmetic products, fashion shoots or styling. With Betsey Johnson sunglasses I take the life much easier and not so serious.


Rihanna wearing Betsey Johnson Sunglasses too

Rihanna is spotted at Barbados' airport.


Posted on August 1, 2013

Salt and Pepper Striped Dress

Dresses/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

salt and Pepper striped dress Max & Co

We love monochrome and the look often featured at Romantique and Rebel: From 60s geometric  black and white checks to block stripes.  The Salt and Pepper Style looks pure in stripes and lend themselves to be paired with a bright lip, neon shoes or a bright handbag. Let your imagination run free!

Above: I am wearing a black and white striped dress from Max & Co, fitted at the top with a puffy, pleated skirt. Keeping in the with the minimalistic tone, I chose a white mini bag and a breton striped boucle jacket.

Black and white Stripes at Dolce & Gabbana SS 2013

Black and white Stripes at Dolce & Gabbana SS 2013

The Monochrome trend was seen everywhere this summer SS2013, from Moschino to Marc Jacobs to Dolce & Gabbana. The Sicilian designer duo created a block striped collection inspired by Sicily’s striped sun loungers and sun umbrellas. Rich fabrics such as brocade give the  casual look a luxurious feel.

Streetstyle London in a black and white striped dress

Street style London in my favourite summer trend:  black and white stripes

My dress is made of a stiff kind of polyester which  makes the pleated skirt look  puffy and voluminous. Usually I shun 100% polyester garnments but I liked this dress so much that I had to made an exception. After all, the new generation of well made  polyester are not as sweaty and itchy as they used  to be years ago.

Metallic sandals from AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni.

Metallic sandals from AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni.

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