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Posted on January 30, 2013

Which Anti-Aging Type are you?

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa
Lauren Hutton - the Age Coper

Lauren Hutton – the Age Coper


The other day I read an interesting study about the different types of anti aging women. There are three different types of women and the way they deal with beauty grooming and the aging process:


  1. Lauren Hutton is an “Ager Coper”. Despite the pressure of staying youthful and beautiful, she tries to be natural and authentic. Her face doesn’t show signs of radical beauty alterations. She decided to not have her face ironed to get rid of wrinkles but instead she looks fantastic at 70 years old and not like a bugbear!
  2. Cameron Diaz is an “Age controller”. We are starting to worry about her because “controllers” have to urge to neutralise the signs of ageing which  doesn’t always end well. Age controllers use beauty applications such as laser, peelings, fillers and botox. To the contrary, when it comes to facial cremes, these women prefer soft baby cosmetics to help their skin heal. Hmmm, chemical peelings and baby does that go together?
  3. No doubt, Nicole Kidman is an “Age Fighter”. She goes through a lot of effort to ensure that she maintains her good looks and to fight the aging process each and every day. Botox is consumed in high doses: Age fighter don’t take half-measures. Invasive plastic surgery is the sheet ancor for women like Madonna, Carla Bruni, Demi Moore and many more!

So, which Anti Aging Type are you? I must admit that I am somewhere between “coper” and “controller”!

Cameron Diaz - the Age Controller

Cameron Diaz – the Age Controller


Nicole Kidman - The Age Fighter

Nicole Kidman – The Age Fighter


Posted on January 27, 2013

Romantic fashion Icon: Dasha Zukova

Dasha in Azzedine Alaïa

Dasha in Azzedine Alaïa

Dasha Zukova, long term girlfriend of Abromovic as well as fashion designer and Russian socialite, has a wardrobe to die for. She pulls out all the stops from the romantic, girly fashion repertoire: tiered frills and ruches, A-line skirts, emphasized waists, fondant colours paired with innocent braids or a glossy mane and rebel red lips. She is never too butter-wouldn’t melt sugary, balancing the sweetness with structured boxy jackets or blazers and shoes. She certainly is my fashion heroine of the moment, hope the pics inspire you too!

Above: Dasha wears a tiered ruffled cream dress by Azzedine Alaïa. She tones down the cuteness with a structured, short graphic jacket and gladiator sandals.

Dasha in Rodarte

Dasha in Rodarte

Dasha is wearing a flowing, romantic lavender and white tulle dress. The  cropped, black leather smoking blazer and the pointy heels in silver give it a grown up edge.

Dasha Zukova braids applique dress


Pretty and pregnant: Milk maid braids complement the girly nude frilly dress with flower appliqué.

Dasha in Balenciaga

Dasha in Balenciaga

I love how Dasha pulls off the brocade trend to perfection, teaming the mini brocade skirt with discreet nude pointy heels and a lose, grey knit jumper.

Carven dress

Carven dress

The Psychodelic pattern clash can make you feel dizzy quickly. The crisp white collar of this Carven dress calms the pattern.  White pointy heels with bronze cap finish off the outfit.

Lace dress from Rodarte

Lace dress from Rodarte

Ladylike and innocent cream lace dress from Rodarte paired with emerald green satin heels.



Dasha’s casual looks are just as sweet as her public outfits: Cream appliqué lace dress, chunky wooden heels and a classic green blazer.

Another ruffled dress from Tunesian born, French designer Azzedine Alaia

Another ruffled dress from Tunesian born, French designer Azzedine Alaia

If you know what works for you, stick with it. And tiered ruffles and an emphasized waist certainly work for Dasha!

Classic Coco-esque outfit

Classic Coco-esque outfit

Looking sharp in a boxy Coco boucle  jacket and chunky cage sandals.

Do you like Dasha’s girly style with edgy acessoires thrown in? What’s your favourite outfit of her?

Posted on January 27, 2013

Sunday Cinema Style

Movie & Books/ Rebel Alexa


Today, I saw the movie Silver linings – a movie, which I have been looking forward for weeks. Silver linings it’s not the usual romcom formula but it works! Loved that, it’s a great movie and Jennifer Lawrence looks like a young Renne Zellweger with dark hair! A sort of movie you have to see!


And my styling for the cinema day: grey skinny jeans, orange sweater by J Crew, Blazer by Hilfiger, leo scarf and hogan boots


Posted on January 25, 2013

Chic & Mignon Parisian Jewellery

Accessoires/ Romantique

Parisian Lover earrings

Jewellery from Les Néréides, a Parisian costume jeweller, is like a dreamy journey into a world of naivety, fairy tales and endless creativity.

Even for the most rational of fashionistas, it is impossible to not give into the charm of those quirky, cooky-cute designed pieces.

Escape daily routine, spreadsheets and the office life with my favourite pieces:

Above: Golden Hoop earrings “Lovers in Paris” from the Paris Carte Postal collection. Hand painted sketches representing life in romantic Paris. This. is. unbelievably. adorable. !

Les Nereides Ballerina earrings

Pink, asymmetrical earrings from the Les Nereides “Pas de Deux” line. For the 120th anniversary of the opera Nutcracker, Les Nereides  added a new colour called “chocolate” to the collection. Magnifique!

Les Nereides gingerbread earrings

N2 is Les Nereides’s quirkier subline. These gingerbread earrings are good enough to eat!

Gingerbread & Little Red Riding Hood collier

Gingerbread & Little Red Riding Hood collier

The delicate charm of fairy tales in the shape of Little Red Riding Hood

Les Nereides locket heart pendant

The Line “Ouvre ma ton coer” (Open your heart to me) are hematit plated lockets with different figurines inside to celebrate different occasions:

·    A heart within a heart over a heart. The French call this mise en abyme. I call it chic!

·    A girl holding a bouquet of flowers to celebrate Mothers Day.

·    Bride and groom to celebrate a marriage.

·    A couple to celebrate love or an engagement.

·    A stork carrying a bundle of joy to celebrate a new arrival (ok, this is even too much for me)

Fairytale locket

Take your favourite fairy tales and put them round your neck. My favourite is the gingerbread house with Hansel and Gretel hidden inside.

Tell us what you think, do you love the tongue-in-cheek  jewellery from Les Nereides or is it too much Kitsch for you?



Posted on January 21, 2013

Romantic Snowy London

Coats/ London/ Romantique/ Skirts/ Travel/ Wardrobe


Powder snow in London is very rare, so we made the most of the white winter wonderland this weekend. It was bucketing down snow from heavy grey clouds all day long.

Romantic Snowy London London

With my white Feyem puffer jacket, I blended right into the white magic. Black vintage pencil skirt from Piazza Sempione.

A pop of colour for the winter

A pop of colour makes my day so much brighter: Purple tights from Falke in colour Passion, black ankle boots “Sprinkle” from Kurt Geiger and purple woven leather handbag from Patrick Cox

Capturing the winter wonder land. Orange red Alice band from Max Mara. So I don't blend in with the snow too much!

Capturing the winter wonder land. Orange red Alice band from Max Mara. So I don’t blend in with the snow too much!

A fellow Wimbledon Park walker in toastily warm Ugg Boots

A fellow Wimbledon Park walker in toastily warm Ugg Boots

Romantique snowy London


Wimbledon Park

Snow and Palmtrees London

After winter, there comes spring. A glimpse of it I got the following day already, with the sun shining onto a palm tree in Earsfield, London.



Posted on January 20, 2013

Sweatshirt Styles

Jumpers/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” Karl Lagerfeld


I’m happy that sweatshirts are not a sign of defeat!

Today, I picked up my UCLA sweatshirt, a woll pants by Hugo Boss, Converse and leo scarf for a Sunday walk – so comfortable, easy and effortless.

Sweatshirts made a great comeback during the last months – styles with feminine pencil skirts, skinny leather pants, classic suit trousers in combination with heels or sneakers making a surprising fashion statement.


I adore this sweatshirt styling, gives me a lot inspiration!


My Summer Sweatshirt Style: white jeans by Diesel, UCLA Shirt, BCBG Sandals, Clavin Klein Bag


Posted on January 19, 2013

Biscuit Boutique in Notting Hill

Cuisine/ Decor/ London/ Romantique/ Travel

Nothing is more invigorating than a stroll in London’s Notting Hill, even if it is a bitterly cold wintery day. There are always new cute shops popping up, like Biscuiteers, a biscuit boutique and icing Cafe in Kensington Park Road.

The beautifully decorated shop front, just opposite of my favourite Italian Restaurant, Osteria Basilica, drew me in straight away.  At Biscuiteers, you can’t only buy beautifully iced biscuits that taste as good as they look, but you can also get down to icing straight away!

Above: Puffer jacket from Feyem, gloves from Ugg, knit cap from Missoni.

The Gingerbread Buckingham Palace

If I’d live in Notting Hill, I’d have a pink door too!

The Parisian biscuit collection at Biscuiteers

Street Style London: Purple woven leather handbag from Patrick Cox.

Shelf at the Biscuiteers.

Yes, that’s the gingerbread Queen next to Batman and Superman!

Posted on January 17, 2013

Why Demi Moore drinks Red Bull

Cuisine/ Lifestyle


No Paparazzi photo of Demi Moore without a tin of Red Bull in her hand. Have we missed something, is this the new It-accessoire or is she addicted to the sickeningly sweet energy drink? Wracked with curiosity, I analysed the ingredients of Red Bull which explain why Demi is so keen to put the drink on her grocery shopping list.
Red Bull is a source of: Vitamin B12, Vitamin B 6 and Niacin. Let’s have a look at the vitamins:


Vitamin B 12 is required for proper red blood cell formation, it strengthens the immune system and nervous system and fights signs of fatigue.
Vitamin B 6: one of the most important and industrious nutrients in the human body.  It plays a vital role in many of the chemical reactions that take place in the body and it is essential to metabolize foods into energy. This vitamin also helps to lower stress, decrease symptoms of PMS, treat depression, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of dental cavities
Niacin or Vitamin B 3 have an antioxidant effect: Niacin is essential for the regeneration of skin, muscles, nerves and the DNA.
Red Bull a great feel good and anti ageing drink!


Posted on January 16, 2013

How to wear Statement Knit Caps

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa
When I was little my mum always made us wear woolly hats. She always chose very stylish hats, but that still didn’t make me like them more.
Later in life, I only wore wool knit caps on the ski piste but I thought the funny knit hats of the other skiers were just childish.
Today, I love woolly hats and I believe that it is an underestimated accessoire in everyday life.
A wooly hat is a really cool statement and can give a look a completely new direction. Think an evening gown with a wooly hat.  The best thing about it is that you can wear it at every age, I even think it makes you look younger.
My wooly hat is from Juicy Couture. My favourite hats are the ones with a pom poms on top.
A simple black wooly hat, worn assymetrically, is always a winter fashion classic.
Top this look further by wearing statement sunglasses – everyone on the street will now: She’s a fashionista!
Posted on January 15, 2013

Downtown Puffy in marshmallow colours

Accessoires/ Romantique

The UK just warned it’s citizen’s to brace themselves  for the “the arctic blast” – which makes me chuckle because big”arctic blast” means -1 degrees, which would be considered quite mild for the middle of January in Germany!

I’m becoming obsessed with my puffey down jacket – it provides warmth and just looks so fresh in colours such as marshmallow white, soft lavender or baby blue.

Some inspirations for you for those of you not yet convinced:

Above: I’m wearing a white Feyem Jacket made in Italy with three quarter lengths trumpet sleeves , Ugg gloves and flat half high Boots by Object Mirror.

Below: Danish Beauty Helena Christensen doing casual, cute chic: Lavender puffer jacket worn with Jeans and flat boots

Above: Emma Stone in a baby blue puffer coat. Will brighten up the darkest and dullest of Winter days!

Did I say how much I love my cashmere lined leather gloves from Ugg?

Puffy down jacket with toggle fastening and fur collar from Schneiders Salzburg.

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