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Posted on November 30, 2012

Jolie Laide Beauties

Rebel Alexa

Jolie Laide is about beauty that does not conform to the standard norm. A Woman who is jolie laide is beautiful in an unconventional way; her allure and perfection comes from a presence of an inner life that informs her outer apperarance. Of course France itself bursts with jolie laide woman – there are classics like: Jeanne Moureau, Anouk Aimée, Coco Chanel, Béatrice Dalle and from younger generation the sisters Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

In present times, most in the world- beauty and movie business –  have a boring idea of what being beautiful and sexy is. Remembering old Hollywod icons like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford! Where are the Joans and Bettes, today? Eyerbody is looking for perfection: face, body, voice, hair, job, relationship etc but I wish we would all less stick to the beauty criteria of society and magazines.

Sofia Coppola, she has that certain allure of jolie laide with her melancholic air and extraordinary face.

Jolie Laide: Frida Kahlo


Posted on November 27, 2012

Sydney Street Style: Retro Tulip Dress

Dresses/ Romantique/ Travel/ Wardrobe

An overcast but warm day in Sydney: Ideal to dash to the fish markets: Open every day and serving delicious fresh fish from the Aussie pacific: oysters, lobsters, king prawns, mulloway, crabs and many more.

I’m wearing a retro, navy blue dotted tulip dress by Max & Co. Tulip dresses or skirt shapes are clinched in at the waist and flair out at the hips to come in again at the hemline – perfect to hide a tummy if you have indulged in too much food like me.

Sydney fish market deliciousness

Our favourite style icon Marion Cotillard in a lace tulip dress by Dior.

Posted on November 27, 2012

Style Issue: never wear trainers outside the house?

Rebel Alexa/ Shoes

What the main difference is beetwen French and foreign woman? A French Taxi Driver said: “Trainers, The Americans are incapable of putting on a pair of shoes.” American Woman wearing trainers to travel to the office and then chanigng once you get there and for French woman these habit is too much trouble? Is it a myth, nobody has seen a French Woman in trainers outside a tennis court?

I guess it’s a stereotype that French women don’t wear sneakers outside the house. And to be honest I don’t care if French women wear trainers or not. I like my pair of NB trainers, I bought in Copenhagen, last year. I’m addicted to Chanel and the whole French fashion thing but to trainers too.


H&M Breton Shirt, Chanel look a like Jacket, Skinny Jeans, New Balance trainers


Posted on November 26, 2012

Denim Shirt in Vogue

Denim/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

Over the past few seasons, the denim shirt has certainly been a major staple in all the most fashionable closets. Variety of ways come into vogue and I thought: No, no a denim shirt is so 80’s, I will never ever wear. The piece in question, the denim shirt, is not a revolutionary item, but the way it’s being worn is certainly inspirational also for the Winter Season. That’s the trick, not looking from 1980! Most like to style my denim skirt in an elegant and chic way and wearable
in the office as well.


Denim Shirt by All 7 Mankind, Skirt from TK Maxx, Shoes by Hogan and Bag by Calvin Klein

Easy and safe look: Denim Shirt combined with black skinny Jeans

Posted on November 23, 2012

Long-haul flight survival kit

Beauty/ Romantique/ Travel
Tonight we will leave for the summer in Sydney, Australia.  While I’m more than excited to leave dreary winter Europe behind me, I’m terrified of the 24 hour flight!
This is a long time and a huge strain on the body (especially in Economy Class!) Having been through this flight 3 times already, I have developed a survival kit which will lessen the effects of the long distance flight:
1. Water / hot warm tea:
Drinking as much liquids as you can (no alcohol obviously!) really makes a difference to how you feel on arrival. Yes you will have to go to the loo more often, but getting sleep on this long flight in Economy is quite difficult anyway so you might as well walk around (and prevent thrombosis at the same time) to visit the ladies.
Warm liquids like herbal tea will help to moisten your nose which tends to dry out,  suffering from the thin cabin air.
2. Fresh fruit:
Airplane food is not the most nutritious (to put it mildly)  so take fresh food on board to help boost your body’s immune system. 

3. Eye drops without preservatives:
Pressurized cabin air is the culprit of dry eyes: Single use eye drops with no preservatives will be a relief for eyes tortured by cabin air. Stay clear of common eye drops in bottles: they contain preservatives which can further upset your sensitised eyes. 
4. Moisturiser / serum / gels
Pamper your dry skin with lots of topical nutrition: I love Sisley’s Express Flower Gel – it is a mask which will instantly boost hydration and eliminate signs of fatigue. It is so sensitive, it can be used on the eye area too and saves space in your travel bag. 
5. Lip balm: 
The l’occitane Shea butter  lip balm doubles up as a cuticle cream if applied on your cuticles. 
6. Face wipes:
Freshen up with face wipes before you lather on creams.
7. Sea salt nasal spray: Keep your nose  moist with sea salt nasal spray to relieve dryness.
8. Entertainment:
Books, iPad Mini, Kindle: I make sure ill never run out options to occupy myself : 24 hours is a loooong time! 
Posted on November 23, 2012

Rebel’s hottest handbag collection

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa

“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!”

Billy Connelly

“One step up from perfume, the handbag is also the most accessible item an ordinary working woman can afford from a very exclusive house. Status bags are a cheap thrill, comparatively speaking, for those who want business class but are living coach.”

Anna Johnson

“I knew I wanted a handbag, but they were so pricey. I love Marc Jacobs.”

Sex and the City


These are not all of my handbags but the best shoots from last year. Rebel’s hottest handbag collection from left to right:

Look a like Birkin Bag


Look a like Bottega Venta

Jack Spade

Via Repubblica


Goldpfeil Vintage

Posted on November 23, 2012

Across Body Bag Winter Season

Bags/ Rebel Alexa

I don’t like to wear across body bags in summer because often there is a visual problem. Which is? My Ferré across body bag is very large and I always have a lot of stuff with me – the larger the bag the heavier the weight. The problem with large across body bag is, then my décolleté squeezes in all directions and that doesn’t look nice.

For me, Winterseason is better to wear across body bags on stronger materials such as coats, jackets or jumpers and boobs remains in right place.

I WEAR: Acne Jeans, Animal Jumper by Allude, Coat by Calvin Klein, Across Body Bag by Gianfranco Ferré, Boots by Hogan

Posted on November 22, 2012

Marc Jacobs eye popping stripes 2013

Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

The message? So, if you love stripes, you’re going to love this Marc Jacobs collection! We do need so many stripes, black and white for the next spring season 2013 – shoes, blazer, skirts, bags, dresses. I only have one black and white striped shirt in stock. I should seek more horizontal and vertical pieces. This is essential for Marc Jacobs eye popping stripes look in 2013.

 “Young girls need to learn that sexiness isn’t about being naked,” declared Marc Jacobs after his eye-popping Op Art homage of a show that included, as he added, “a bit of everything that I love—lots of straight lines, T-shirts.”



Posted on November 20, 2012

Dior Cannage Shopper Punky Style

Bags/ Rebel Alexa

As French Woman say: You should always buy the most expensive bag or shoes you can, as they will finish an outfit. The elegance lies in the attention to detail. Even if you can’t afford a Chanel jacket, you or your mom can afford to accessorise. My mom’s Dior Cannage Shopper was a good investment and I wear it with everything – thanks Mummy, I bring the bag back for Christmas. I like to wear the Dior Cannage Shopper in a less conservative style, but more in a punky context – Less Madame Chirac more Street Style.

Today I wear: Denim Shirt by All 7 mankind, Parka by Bogner, Jeans by Siwy, Converse, Sunglasses by Jil Sander, Lipstick L’Oreal




Posted on November 19, 2012

Flirty Dirndl skirt & Ankle Boots

Romantique/ Shirts/ Wardrobe

The Dirndl skirt is below the knee, full and flirty with a circular cut. The A-line is flattering for every body shape.  In the picture,  I’m wearing a nougat coloured, flared dirndl skirt from Max & Co with a wide stretch belt to contrast the volume of the skirt. Black lace-up ankle heels from Geox, black tights from Wolford and sunglasses from Chloe round out the look.

To complement the  girly charm of the skirt, I love combining high ankle boots or western ankle boots with the skirt.  Ballet pumps, wedges or pointy heels are other good options . As always, the choice is yours: Style it playful, grown up, prim or sexy!

Above: Dirndl skirt from Vero Moda, felt biker jacket from Closed, western boots from Buffalo. Seen in German Freundin magazin.

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