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June 2012

Posted on June 30, 2012

Retro Glam

Romantique/ Wardrobe

Don’t you just love going through old photos!? Some photos we would like to bury and never let them see the light of day again: They reveal hideous hairstyles, less than flattering fashion and stupid poses. Some other pictures evoke warm memories and we actually love the fashion. Timeless pieces that are trendy again today.

Above: Summer of 1978: Little Rebel with full fringed bob, clutching a romantique doll. Mummy R&R is wearing a bang on trend Pucci-esque psychedelic bikini, teamed with a blond full fringed bob just like Little Rebel’s.

Early practise makes the romantique master: I’m wearing a flowery millefleur dress with yellow socks and sandals, circa 1983.

1988: Rebel sporting a white boyfriend shirt with 80s shoulder pads and a waist belt for some femininity. Fitted mini skirt and patent flats complete the look.

Summer of 1983: Pastel colours and frills, like out of the look book ss 2012! I’m wearing a tiered light pink cotton skirt and a frilly light blue blouse. Rebel is wearing a white sundress and flat espadrilles.

Summer 1978: Heavily pregnant Mummy R&R shows true dedication to fashion here: Living behind the iron curtain in East Germany did not prevent her from being stylish: This graphic Mini dress was sewn by herself as seen in a West German issue of VOGUE. Complete with wedged cork sandals.

get the Look:

Pucci SS 2012 Bikini from Net-a-porter. Now on sale!

Gucci cork sandals SS 2012. On sale at Net-a-porter

Posted on June 28, 2012

Anna Molinari’s Pastel Palazzo

Decor/ Romantique

Italian Fashion designer Anna Molinari has a weakness for romantic floral pattern, feminine cuts and delicate colours as embodied by her fashion brands Blumarine and Blugirl.

Her Villa in Tuscan Forte dei Marmi is a reflection of her love of the Italian sea with blue marine coloured curtains and furniture, one of her favourite colours and the name of her fashion label.

She confidently mixes modern and antique pieces  while keeping a fresh, breezy ambiance through the bright summer colours.

Aquamarine and lavender – a romantic mix!

Anna Molinari’s villa by the Ligurian sea in Tuscany

Unfortunately our tiny London flat looks nothing like the Casa Molinari, but with a few bright accessories you can give your home a romantic Anna Molinari touch. Pink lamp from Habitat, pink Vase from Bo, pink painting inspired by Fifi flowers painted by myself, flowery pillow case from Ikea, hig heel pillow case from Andy Warhol.

Add some feminity to your home with wall stickers – you can get hundreds of different designs online.

My old apartment in Kensington – walls painted in colour “Sweet Pink” by Dulux. Silver grey tafetta silk curtains tone down the sweetness.

Pink Vichy checked rug “Millinge”  from Ikea – Anna Molinari would approve!

Lushiously decked out table in Anna’s garden

Posted on June 26, 2012

Burberry Summer Trenchcoat

Coats/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

I’m happy when the summer is so fucking rainy, I have my good old Burberry Summer Trenchcoat! But that’s not because it rains a lot in Hamburg as in London that I like wearing rubber boots. Finally, it’s still warm so I wear flat sandals with rhinestones on the day and my look gets a twist.


Burberry Coat, Batik Skinny Jeans, Soft-pink Blouse by Tkmaxx, Flats by Steve Madden

The opportunity once again to smuggle some of Alexander Skarsgard – see the video, he’s wearing a kaki Burberry Coat

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube DirektAlexander Skarsgard wearing burberry

Posted on June 25, 2012

Fashion Nerd Glasses

Accessoires/ Rebel Alexa

Are fashion nerd glasses attractive and sexy? I think yes, absolutely! Nerds are cool. Very cool and trendiness aside, these spiffy specs can really spice up your look or complete an outfit and you can play with your personal expression.

Madonna, the mother of fashion nerd glasses from generation to generation!

Does everyone wear them well? Yes, Demi does it of course!

And Mrs. Scarlett Johnasson as well.

Types of Nerd Glasses

I din’t know but there are four major categories of nerd glasses out there:

Wayfarer-style, Clark Kent-style, Half frame-style, and costume style.

Look for you best model of nerd glasses and have fun because the brand is not so important, just the type of your nerd glasses!


Posted on June 25, 2012

Mad Men Fashion File

Rebel Alexa

The standout: 1960s for Rebels

The Winter 2012 is coming soon, let’s see what we can learn from Costume Designers of Mad Men.

The Go-Anywhere Cape, which adds some chic and mystique to any outfit. What could be more mod than a deconstructed coat? Many feature slit pockets or side arms that make more practical for daily doings, like carrying a purse or drving a car. How to wear: A simple top or sweater, skinny pants, pencil skirts and bug-eyed sunglasse works out for daily basis.

I WEAR: Red/Black über-plaid coat by Moschino

Nouvelles cards in the Style of Mad Men to frame and decorate or as nice give away.

Posted on June 24, 2012

London Tube Style Rockmantique

Romantique/ Wardrobe

This London fashionista has it all matched perfectly: Romantic delicate flowery silk blouse mixed with a classic Chanel-esque boucle box jacket – as a further nod to Coco Chanel, she added a quilted chain leather handbag into the mix.

Now we come to the rock part of the oufit: Skinny Jeans with zipper details and nude suede wedges complete with wooden heel and studs – double wow!

Posted on June 24, 2012

White Jeans Sunday

Denim/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

White Jeans is the ultimate summer staple! Ines de la Fressange loves them so much she even rocks them in Winter and Liz Hurley  made white jeans her favourite signature look. White jeans can make you look bggier so always get the shape that suits your body (for me the boot cut is the best). A thicker material mixed with stretch will also help to elongate your silhouette.

White lends is itself to be mixed with pink. Here I’m adding a splash of colour to an otherwise subtly coloured outfit. Jeans from Blue Cult. Belt from TK Maxx. Charm and pearl bracelet from Thomas Sabo.

My pale pink gladiator sandals are from Unisa, straw satchel bag from Fossil.

Posted on June 22, 2012

Best of Romantique Summer Sale

Dresses/ Romantique/ Skirts/ Trousers/ Wardrobe

Ladies, have your credit cards at the ready! This weekend is Sale weekend: Shop and grab yourself high quality brands that usually are out of your wallet’s reach. Whether it’s a timeless classic or a statement piece just for one season, now is the time to splash out.
Department stores are my favourite sale destination; they have massive reductions on everything ranging from High Street to Designer.  In the recession-ridden UK, these discounts are 75%!
This Playful Moschino Cheap & Chic dress demonstrates beautifully how designer is different from the high street:  The unusual yellow wheat crop print fabric is something a Zara factory in China cannot copy! And the light linen/cotton material is a dream to wear on hot summer days. This dress was reduced from a whopping 395£ to a mere 95£! Yes please I’ll have one! Seen at Selfridges.
Miss Minimalist: Combine a Clean white shirt chic with a romantic nude coloured pleated skirt all rolled into one dress! Stefanel: was £135, now £70!

Too busy to shop after work? If you know your size at certain brands or you have eyeballed a few items in the shops before, just shop online. This classic white waitress shirt from Stefanel with Peter Pan collar and green edging detail  is a steal for just 40% of its original prize.
Feeling luxurious? This beige ostrich leather wallet from Mulberry comes in at £180 – a bargain compared to its original price of £695! Seen at Selfridges.
Vichy checked pink pants with bird print – Miu Miu £80 seen at Selfridges London
Posted on June 22, 2012

Best Dressed Men

Rebel Alexa

Not only women inspire us in fashion! Men, too, of course, their have a great influence in our lives. For men, looking good has now become enormously important, and their fashion sense also increased significantly, today. But fashion is not what counts, it is the combination of style and strong personality.

My personal best dressed men list:

Alexander Skarsgard – Why are swedish men so hot? Mr. Skarsgard loves to weare Acne and Burberry.

Alec Baldwin – You get what you see!

Mr Baldwin is classy but not rigid.

Prince of Wales – I think Charles is also underestimated in fashion. He is always stylish and a super relaxed Gentleman

The perfect Summer Suit, more class does not work.

Tom Ford – He has a sleepwalking sense of style.

JFK – He gave America the iconic noble, casual East Coast style.

Posted on June 22, 2012

Super Brights Combo

Jumpers/ Rebel Alexa/ Trousers/ Wardrobe

This year it’s all about hot poppings pair-ups. My new colourway is appoved by Jenna Lyons: Orange and Beige!

Whether you go for pale sugary shades or super-brights combo, this feminine colour combo is your fast track ticket to maximum stand-out style.


Orange Tippi Sweater by J. Crew, beige Pants by Luella, Yellow belt by Furla, Sandals by BCBG


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