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Posted on May 22, 2012

Mix & Match

Jumpers/ Rebel/ Skirts/ Trousers/ Wardrobe

Der Mustermix Look sieht auf Steet Style Photos und in Zeitschriften einfach toll aus – Punkte mit Schlange, Blumen mit Streifen, Leo mit garfischen Prints. Wie sieht so ein Look an einem selbst aus ohne sich verkleidet zu fühlen.

Etwas Mut braucht es schon, denn man fällt definitiv im Straßenbild auf und sticht etwas aus der Masse heraus. Die Farben der Muster sollten untereinander harmonieren und auf Schuhe und Tasche abgestimmt sein, mit einer dunklen Farbe kann man auch ganz gut abtönen und Ruhe in den Look bringen.

I WEAR: Aphorism Skirt, Sem Per Lei Jumper, Tod’s Sandals with snake leather

Posted on May 20, 2012

How to wear a fun bubble skirt

Romantique/ Skirts/ Wardrobe
A bubble skirt, sometimes referred to as a balloon skirt, is gathered at the waist and voluminous towards the hem. It is an hourglass and pearshaped girls best friend as it’s puffed out style can wonderfully hide wide hips and strong thighs while the tight waistband shows off your waist.
A bubble skirt is not really a classic item one must have in their wardrobe, but more of a fashion statement skirt. It can make you look bigger in some instances so just stick to these recommendations and you will sizzle in this statement skirt:
  • A bubble skirt should be made of delicate materials like silk or jersey that skims the body nicely
  • Make sure it has a  bottom skirt underneath and that it is fitted.
  • As this is a statement piece, chose bright colours and patterns rather than a safe colur like beige or black
  • To compensate for the voluminous lower part, team the skirt with a fitted short top that shows the gathered waistline
  • If you wear the skirt with a jacket, make sure it’s short and fitted to the body (see pic 2)
  • Keep the sexiness by choosing a lenghth just above the knees

My pleated bubble skirt with heart pattern is from quirky Italian designer Moschino Cheap & Chic.
Chose a short, fitted jacket to wear with a balloon skirt. My turquoise blazer is from Moschino Cheap & Chic
Eva Mendes is the typical pear shape and looks cute yet grown up in this pink bubble skirt from Dior (note the emphasized waist to compensate for the puffiness of the skirt). Her white bubble dress is paired with high heels to add some length.
Posted on May 19, 2012

The must-have nude shoe

Romantique/ Shoes

 I never used to like nude shoes, I thought they would make my foot look “pale” because the colour is blending in with my skintone and doesn’t provide enough contrast.

Well, it turns out I was wrong because this very fact makes nude heels / flats / wedges so great. They elongate your leg, making them look longer, leaner and taller!

If you are still in doubt, read my 5 reasons why everyone should have a pair of nude shoes in their wardrobe:

  1. Nude goes with everything! You can tone down a very colourful outfit with nude shoes (see pic 4)
  2. Nude is a neutral colour, meaning you can wear nude shoes in summer and winter! A pair of closed nude heels will be your best friend in all seasons.
  3. Nude shoes make your legs look longer and thinner as they extend the leg
  4. You will often see smaller celebs like Eva Longoria and Kylie Minogue in nude shoes, these ladies know the styling trick of how to look taller!

Above: Nude flat ballet pumps from Pretty Ballerina

Victoria Beckham, Penelope Cruz and Angelina Jolie all know how to make their legs look endless!

Closed heels in nude patent leather from Sergio Rossi! What a dream shoe, they are neither too round nor too pointy, the perfect classic heel!

A colourful outfit like this, marshmallow blue pleated skirt and melon coloured lace top, can be calmed down with nude heels from Rupert Sanderson.

Posted on May 18, 2012

Yasmin Sewell’s Style

Icons/ Rebel

Her style is always perfectly to the point that it ‘s nearly frightening already. Not a single photo of her on the internet is shit or just middle class. She leads definitely the class of fashionistas. Let’s have look on some background informations.

Yasmin Sewell is an Australian fashion retail consultant and creative advisor for various fashion brands as well as a trend forecaster. She is currently based in London where she moved at the age of 20 from her hometown of Sydney Australia with her husband, actor Rufus Sewell. She has since remarried and got a baby in 2011.

The Australian beauty created a buzz as Buying Director for Browns and is acclaimed for her knack of breaking unknown brands and designers such as Pierre Hardy and Rick Owens onto the scene. Since her job requires her to forecast what the trends will be six months ahead of time, it’s no surprise that Yasmin turns heads in killer outfits consisting of the hottest up and coming designers, mixed in with more established brands such as Burberry, Chanel and Céline.

I and street-style snappers can’t get enough of her chic menswear-inspired pieces, signature curly bob and trademark sunglasses.

Yasmin’s style is definitely one to keep an eye out for, especially since she has a pulse on the brands and designers which are sure to become household names in the future.

Yasmin Sewell was named Young Australian of the year in 2012, for her contribution to fashion.

Fashion director of Moda Operandi and creative consultant Yasmin Sewell’s talks standout personal style with Harper’s BAZAAR.

Harper’s Bazaar: Describe the look you’ll be going for this fall.
Yasmin Sewell: Clean lines, statement coats, unexpected touches of color, and masculine shoes.

HB: Who are some of the perennial style icons that inspire you?
YS: Katharine Hepburn and Coco Chanel.

HB: Tell us about your shopping methodology.
YS: I have a vague spending limit in my head, but I genuinely wouldn’t say no to something that’s right on me. I can always justify an item that I can wear for work and in my day-to-evening life. I like to be served in a store, and if I am not, I will leave, even if I know exactly what I want. I rarely return anything because I’ve learned to make smart choices. If I didn’t know how to buy for myself, there would be a problem! I tend to be drawn to statement pieces rather than great basics. Probably because of my job and my great love of design, they’re what I go to.

HB: Where do you like to shop?
YS: Now I buy most things on Moda Operandi; I can perfectly plan my wardrobe a season ahead. If I go shopping at home in London, I love to wander through Liberty.

HB: Ideally, clicks or bricks?
YS: Clicks, for sure. I really can’t get better service or access anywhere than I can with Moda Operandi.

HB: What’s the best shopping advice you’ve heard?
YS: It’s an oldie but goody: Buy for your body shape and you’ll never go wrong.

HB: Are you a lone wolf, or do you go with friends?
YS: I tend to shop on my own because I like to make my choices quite fast. It’s a rare occasion when I get to shop for myself rather than other retailers and stores around the world.

HB: Do you have a favorite in-store (or near-store) restaurant?
YS: When I’m shopping in Paris and feeling healthy, I can’t go past the assiette verte at Colette. If I’m feeling naughty, it’s a cheeseburger at Ferdi. They are either ends of the scale of perfection.

HB: What’s the first expensive designer piece you ever bought?
YS: It was 1994. I was living in my hometown of Sydney, just starting to work in fashion. I bought a Jean Paul Gaultier printed mesh body-stocking dress. It was completely wild for its time and particularly for me, but I loved it. It sort of represented a new phase of the way I dressed over the next few years.

HB: Aside from the items on your list, what are the fall trends you love?
YS: Statement jumpers, pencil skirts, platform brogues, and color.

HB: Is there a particularly challenging one that you’re up to tackling, like double skirts?
YS: I prefer to stick to what I know is right for me. That way, there’s no money or reputation lost!

HB: Lastly, what’s your policy on shopping off other women?
YS:I think it is absolutely fine as long as you don’t copy a head-to-toe look. I’m not one of those people who get funny about a friend buying the same shoe or bag as me. Everyone wears something in a different way.

No one do it better!

Posted on May 18, 2012

Fashion 60 Plus

Bags/ Jumpers/ Rebel/ Romantique/ Trousers/ Wardrobe

Fashion is not only for young people as all the magazines and billboards want us to believe.

The right to be fashionable and to have fun in what you wear and how you express yourself is not only owned by the young girls.
Marc Jacobs dedicated his last collection to mature women, taking inspiration from the style blog “Advanced Style” by Ari Seth Cohen.
Get inspired by our mum who is 61 years old and from who we inherited our interest and fun in all things fashionable.
Romantique:      What can you tell us about fashion in the later years of life?
Mummy R&R:    
As I got older, I became more confident in myself and more secure. I don’t get influenced and pressured  by trends anymore like I used to 30 years ago. I only participate in trends that I know suit me. For example, the wrap dress made famous by Diane Fuerstenberg has been hailed as the ultimate flattering dress for all shapes of women  in countless books, magazines and blogs for years. Still, I know a wrap dress isn’t my style,  because on me, it accentuates little “rolls” and a low V-Neck doesn’t suit me as well as a boat or round neck. 20 years ago, I might have bought a dress like this because it had been hyped up so much, despite knowing that the style didn’t suit me.
Romantique:     How would you describe your style?
Mummy R&R:    
I like to wear classic pieces and mix them up with a few trendy items. For example, I would team a classic pencil skirt with bold coloured tights; bright pink, purple or orange for example. To complete the outfit, I would wear a simple one coloured sweater or shirt.
Romantique:    What about accessories and handbags?
Mummy R&R:   I don’t like wearing too much jewellery as it reminds me of old fashioned women. I do love big earrings though, particularly made of gemstones.
I also love well crafted handbags, I recently bought a heavenly brown leather handbag from Celine (seen in the photo) in Sardinia. Handbags are so important as they can spice up any outfit, just like shoes. When wearing an excellent handbag it’s all about the way you wear it: Wear it with charisma and,very important, with a straight posture oozing confidence.
Mummy R&R, thank you for the interview!
In the pictures, Mummy R&R is wearing: Wool / Stretch trousers from Bogner, Bright orange Cashmere cardigan from Allude, orange suede jacket from Pielini, leather handbag from Celine, white bow shirt from TK Maxx and ballet shoes from Pretty Ballerina.
Posted on May 17, 2012

Victoria’s 60s A-lines Dresses Style

Dresses/ Rebel/ Wardrobe

I am a huge fan of the pretty, above-the-knee shift dresses, from the free-spirited sister brand to Victoria Beckham’s eponymous mainline label. I wish I could have an extra closet only with 1960s A-lines dresses in many colors and fabrics for every season.

Mrs Beckham told ‘It’s not a second line, or a diffusion line – it’s another line, another side to my wardrobe.

‘This is a way to give my customers what they want. They are really easy-to-wear day dresses.

‘You can wear everything with heels, but you can wear them with flats as well. And they fit a lot of different people. Nothing’s tight: everything’s quite comfortable and roomy.’

And that’s why I love the A-line dresses: Shillouette loose-fitting dresses that have a more casual feel, no zippers, pockets in front!

I WEAR: Wool dress from ANNA’S Dress Affair, Nude Leather Jacket, grey New Balance, Calvin Klein Bag

Almost ready: A Harvey Nichols worker finishes off a window display which was a collaboration with quirky illustrator and film-maker, Quentin Jones (January 2012)

Posted on May 15, 2012

Animal Sweater

Jumpers/ Rebel/ Trousers/ Wardrobe

Certain trends are fashion staples and will always be our obsession. These trends never fail to excite us, they never die out completely as they exist in our wardrobe in some form or the other – the animal prints.

Wearing animal prints has never been out of fashion. The rareness and the majestic character of wearing the animal print have been seen as a status symbol. It takes a confident woman to carry off the bold, chic and sexy adjectives that come with adorning the animal prints.


Cashmere sweater Allure animal print wrong way, so the wide neck is on the back. To the bright 7/8 silk taffeta pants I have consciously chosen espandrilles because the pants reminds me of the 60s Saint Tropez style – so, ready for a boat trip in Southern Europe!

Posted on May 14, 2012

How to survive the British summer

Dresses/ London/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Oh dear, what a spring it’s been here in London. Temperatures well below May’s average, coupled with rain & thick clouds have made me shiver each day on my way to work.
Britain’s notorious, unsettled weather is created by the clash of warm, dry air coming from the continent which clashes with moist, maritime air from the West.
This makes dressing appropriately a challenge! Weather changes quickly, so you should always be prepared for everything.
Above: Make sure to dazzle in your spring dresses but pair them with cotton tights (wool tights would be overkill)  to guard against the Atlantic breeze. I always carry a neutral cardi with me that fits in my handbag and can be thrown on anytime.
I’m wearing a floral dress  by Dahling and closed Spanish espadrille wedges in toast

My salmon coloured sun glasses are the iconic  Céline SC 1747 as seen on Linda Evangelista and Rebel.
Another German on the island: Claudia Schiffer braves the rain in a cute floral dress with short boots, a blazer and a scarf.
Don’t be afraid to mix delicate materials such as silk with leather boots. Silk Skirt from Stefanel SS 2012.
Posted on May 14, 2012

Céline / Pre-Fall 2012


Phoebe Philo isn’t going to waste her time—or yours, or mine, for that matter—waxing lyrical about what she was thinking about when it came to her Céline pre-fall collection…The head-to-toe print dressing she started with her Moroccan–patterned silk a few seasons ago is now represented by a distorted batik that she wittily echoed with the markings on an oversize (you see?) fur, which was then given that inimitable Philo touch by fastening it with a skating-the-borders-of-bad-and-good-taste white leather belt.

My interpretation of this Céline batik pattern is not so emphasized boyisch and adrogyn but more feminine and elegant because it’s just not my stature.


Tommy Hilfiger black cotton pant, Fenn Wright Manson top according as seen to Céline Pre Fall Collection 2012, yellow belt, dark marineblue bag of Calvin Klein, Killer High Heels

Ideally, I would still need a little fur jacket!

Posted on May 13, 2012

Charmed by Charlotte Gainsbourg

Icons/ Rebel

Charlotte Gainsbourg hat diesen speziellen Mix aus Pariser Allure und Camden Town bohemian look. Meist sieht sie ohne Make up völlig fertig und abgespannt im Gesicht aus, die Haare irgendwie unaufgeräumt und trotzdem sehen Balenciaga Hosen an ihr immer extrem chic aus.

Sie ist down-to-earth und unangestrengt und deshalb so cool. Es klingt authentisch, wenn sie bescheiden über ihren Style-icon Status sagt:

“It’s quite funny to hear that over and over again. I don’t look at myself that ways…I feel that I’m very normal. I’m very lucky to be able to go to Nicolas (Ghesquiere) for big events, but apart from that, I just wear jeans (Acne) and something comfortable.”

Sie ist hat kein klassisches Beautygesicht, sondern ist eine unorthodoxe Schönheit, mit den unperfekten und charismatischen Zügen ihres Vaters Serge Gainsbourg. Das markante Kinn, die dominante Nase jenseits der Beautynorm machen sie gerade deshalb so sympathisch und faszinierend.

“I’m sure that if I had been an actress in the 1940s, I never would have had a career because, physically, you had to have the sort of perfect features that I don’t have.”

Im privaten Leben von Charlotte hat Mode eine geringe Bedeutung, shoppen geht sie nicht und braucht sie auch nicht solange sie mit Balenciaga zusammen arbeitet! Casual ist sie meist mit ihren geliebten Acne Jeans, Lederjacke und Boots unterwegs in gemusterten Teilen ist sie sehr selten zu sehen meist trägt sie schlichte, gedeckte, einfarbige Oberteile.

“Girls can wear jeans, cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, ’cause it’s okay to be a boy, but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.”

Charlotte Gainsbourg

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