Posted on January 30, 2013

Which Anti-Aging Type are you?

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa
Lauren Hutton - the Age Coper

Lauren Hutton – the Age Coper


The other day I read an interesting study about the different types of anti aging women. There are three different types of women and the way they deal with beauty grooming and the aging process:


  1. Lauren Hutton is an “Ager Coper”. Despite the pressure of staying youthful and beautiful, she tries to be natural and authentic. Her face doesn’t show signs of radical beauty alterations. She decided to not have her face ironed to get rid of wrinkles but instead she looks fantastic at 70 years old and not like a bugbear!
  2. Cameron Diaz is an “Age controller”. We are starting to worry about her because “controllers” have to urge to neutralise the signs of ageing which  doesn’t always end well. Age controllers use beauty applications such as laser, peelings, fillers and botox. To the contrary, when it comes to facial cremes, these women prefer soft baby cosmetics to help their skin heal. Hmmm, chemical peelings and baby does that go together?
  3. No doubt, Nicole Kidman is an “Age Fighter”. She goes through a lot of effort to ensure that she maintains her good looks and to fight the aging process each and every day. Botox is consumed in high doses: Age fighter don’t take half-measures. Invasive plastic surgery is the sheet ancor for women like Madonna, Carla Bruni, Demi Moore and many more!

So, which Anti Aging Type are you? I must admit that I am somewhere between “coper” and “controller”!

Cameron Diaz - the Age Controller

Cameron Diaz – the Age Controller


Nicole Kidman - The Age Fighter

Nicole Kidman – The Age Fighter


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